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(Education and Training)

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Corporate Training procured from qualified personnel is a cornerstone of leading organisations with the value placed on ongoing CPD and skill development. From small groups seeking personal growth, motivation, soft skills to larger workforces choosing to enhance the professional journey of their workforce, there is a substantial increase in the number of qualified trainers necessary to service industry. If you feel that you have the personality to share a passion for education and training with others then this course provides you with the skills and knowledge to pursue a career.


  • Leaving Certificate, LCA or QQI Level 4.
  • Mature students are exempt from Leaving Certificate requirement.
  • CERFL proficiency at B2 for access to Level 5 courses for those whose first language is not English.
  • All applicants will undergo a processing stage during which further information will be gathered in relation to their application. An offer of a place on this course is contingent on the applicant meeting the entry requirements set out here and satisfactory completion of the processing stage.


September to May.


€300 including QQI examination fees. (Medical card holders exempt from €50). See fees & payment for details.


  • QQI Level 5 Certificate in Education and Training (5M3635).
  • QQI Component Maths (5N1833) – available as an option in the evening for learners needing Maths for progression.


    Concepts in Education and Training - 5N3631

    Learn about the philosophies and principles of education. Understand the socio-economic condition and trends in Ireland and the EU.  Analyze the factors influencing or contributing towards curriculum development in the Irish Education system. Participate in a range of learning modes including face to face, group, self-directed, blended learning etc. 

    Communications - 5N0690

    Acquire the writing skills needed for the workplace, learn to speak fluently and coherently in a professional setting, develop interpersonal skills and have an understanding of the impact of ICT on society. 

    Interpersonal and Group Behaviour - 5N3632

    Learn about communications styles, theories and skills.  Identify different learning styles and personalities.  Understand how groups work and what the role and task of a facilitator is within an education setting.  Identify the factors that facilitate or inhibit successful group formation.  Demonstrate a range of listening  behaviours when giving and receiving feedback. 

    Personal & Professional Development - 5N2985

    Develop appropriate self assessment tools for personal and vocational settings. Identify personal strengths, learning strategies and decision making methodologies.  Analyse factors that enable and prohibit personal success.  Use research skills and develop a range of materials to achieve personal and career goals. 

    Psychology - 5N0754

    Explore a variety of theorists / practitioners / therapists e.g Freud and Rogers, look at the brain as well as memory and how it works.  Learn specifics about addiction, schizophrenia, depression, eating disorders, stress, emotional behavioural disorders, phobias and OCD  etc. Understand sleep and dreams as well as disorders in this area, social psychology experiments and research in this area, behaviour in groups, helping behaviours, peer pressure, advertising etc. Investigate research methods, ethics and their importance as well as experimental psychology- here students get to partake in experiments and learn how to write up experimental reports. A number of therapeutic approaches are covered e.g. CBT, gestalt , person centred etc… when dealing with people who have mental health issues. 

    Research & Study Skills - 5N3113

    Develop skills in using databases, library resources and online tools. Critically evaluate information and improve academic writing skills. Explore research methodologies and study designs, including ethical issues, survey methods, case studies, and qualitative/quantitative research approaches. Develop effective oral presentation skills, including the use of visual aids, public speaking techniques, and effective communication. Learn how to plan and manage research projects effectively, including setting goals, timelines, and coordinating various aspects of the research process.

    Peer Mentoring - 5N3777

    Learn about the theoretical concepts of mentoring models and styles. Understand the role and key skills required to be a good mentor, taking into account issues such as equality, cultural diversity and workplace boundaries.

    Training and Development Contexts - 5N3633

    Understand the concept of lifelong learning and the role of training and development in organisations to facilitate this. Identify factors which promote and inhibit participatipn in training and development. Learn about the importance of trainign needs analysis, certification and mobility of these certifications/qualifications and how to evaluate a training programme. 

    Professional Presentation - 6N4006

    Equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence of presentation software and communication skills that can be used in a business and training environment. 


    • Data Protection (online) – This course gives learners an overview of GDPR. The workshop examines what GDPR stands for and gives an understanding of the current data protection rules and obligations. The learners also receive information on the types of data, the terminology associated with GDPR, the penalties with breaches, storage of data and general do’s and don’ts regarding data. A record of achievement from Morrison’s Island Campus is issued on successful completion. 
    • Microsoft Outlook (online) – This Microsoft Outlook workshop will give information on accessing your college email, Outlook layout, how to send and receive emails, attaching/downloading a file and reply optionsIt also covers organising your emails – folders etc, Outlook settings, signature, out-of-office reply, using the calendar, setting up meetings, setting up reminders and to do lists. A Certificate of Completion from Morrison’s Island Campus is issued on successful completion. 
    • Personal Styling & Imaging (online) – Develop an awareness of how to present yourself in a professional manner for the workplace.  A Certificate of Completion is issued on completion. 


    Students will undertake a block placement of 2 weeks in a business/industry environment. Work placement is a highly valued component of the student experience here at the college. An excellent opportunity for you to gain insight into the world of work. Students are encouraged to source their own Work Placement but you will be supported by the Work Placement team should you need assistance to do this.


    Some of our popular progression opportunities include:

    Mary I

    • MI022 Education, Home Economics & Business Studies.


    • CK101 Arts L8
    • CK114 Social Science L8.


    • MT970 Montessori Education L8 (Cork)
    • MT930 Home Economics & Business L8 (Cork).

    Excellent progression opportunities to other Higher Education colleges. Special arrangements in place with MTU Cork (CCPS), MTU Kerry and SETU (Waterford & Carlow) for preferential entry for students of Morrison’s Island locations. Go to our progressions database for exact requirements on progressions for this course.


    Industry Training Specialist Team member in large business/industry. Self employed trainer. Motivational Speaker.

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