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Morrisons Island Campus - Improve your Health and Happiness

Improve your Health and Happiness

Dear Student

Improve your health and happiness and earn a digital badge at the same time.

Your Health and Happiness are the most important things for you to care about. We have put together some information about what is involved in the Health and Happiness Digital Badge. This could be a fabulous addition to your CV but, much more importantly, to you and your wellbeing.

The badge includes 3 strands:

  1. The RCSI school of positive psychology pre-recorded, 30 minute sessions (see further information below) – listen in your own time
  2. 3x practical classes in breathing, yoga, meditation etc. (free in the college or outside) – in your own time
  3. A one-on-one meeting with a college counsellor to chat about what you gained from engaging with the process – fabulous reviews so far!

The aim is to improve your self-knowledge, give you life skills and build your resilience and coping mechanisms. All work is done privately in your own time, when it suits you.

We will hold an information session in Room 222 on Thursday, 5th October at 1:30 (you need not attend this to sign up for your digital badge – just follow the steps below).


Register for a digital badge. This is so you can get your official digital badge at the end of the process.

  1. Go to the Student Intranet.
  2. On the pink ribbon go to Workplace Connect and then into Volunteer.
  3. Next go to What is a Digital Badge. Scroll down and you can get the information on the different digital badges. The important bit is that you have to click on the link ‘Click here for form’ under the heading Where Can I Find out More. Fill that in.
  4. We will register you for the Moodle site so you can access all the resources


Choose whichever programme suits you best of the RCSI Science of Health and Happiness Programmes based on your age and stage of development:

Option 1: Programme designed specifically for young people to the age of 20 (10 videos)

Option 2: General programme designed for people of any age who wish to increase their health and happiness (10 videos) – maybe between 20 and 50

Option 3: Programme designed for older people (5 videos)

Each session includes practical and useful tips on how to improve your health and happiness. We have uploaded task worksheets to help you personalise the videos. These are based on the General programme but you can adapt or use anything else you find helpful, i.e. diary.

You will need to email 7 of these to (it comes up automatically!) to qualify for your Digital Badge. We will use these files as discussion points in your one-to-one with the counsellor

Email us if you have any questions/problems with your badge

Kind Regards,
Maria and Attracta.



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