Work experience is an integral part of most of our courses and a vital part of the learning process. For some learners placement takes place throughout the academic year while others partake in 2-4 week block placement. All learners are fully insured by the college on work experience. The college continuously liaises with industry and potential employers to facilitate work placement learners in Cork city, county & neighbouring counties including hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, schools, Youthreach centres, Foróige, childcare facilities, businesses. Many local employers provide work experience opportunities to our students. In some cases the placement is centrally organised by college staff where there a direct link with the facility. However, in most cases learners are advised and encouraged to find their own placement to improve their job finding skills when they finish their course.

Work experience facilitates people beginning in, or returning to a work place environment. It also enhances the employability of the learner through providing employment related tasks and activities. Employers may use work experience as a way of recruitment as they meet and see how a person fits in and contributes to their organisation.

Benefits of Work Experience for Learners:

  1. Allows learners to see if they would like doing a job on a day-to-day basis.
  2. In addition to working in a real work environment learners meet and may ask questions of people who are already working in the area.
  3. Learners see and learn about related jobs in the same fi eld off ering ideas about what type of career they might follow.
  4. Gives insight into an organisation that a learner may be interested in working in after qualification.
  5. Participating in work experience in a chosen area shows future employers that learners are interested in working in the industry.
  6. Essential for job seeking after qualification and may be used as a reference by future employers.
  7. Aids decisions if learners are unsure about which direction to take.
  8. A great introduction to the world of work – learners gain new skills and knowledge, meet new people, learn to deal with diff erent situations.
  9. Learners identify and understand personal strengths and weaknesses by undertaking work experience.
  10. Learners may secure a job following work experience, employers may identify someone who fi ts in well in the organisation.
  11. Even if a learner does not get a job s/he will meet people in the industry and form valuable contacts.
  12. It enhances and adds weight to CV.