21 Day Yoga Breathing Challenge

Day 1: Day or Night Day 2: Night Time Day 3: Night Time Day 4: Night Time Day 5: Day or Night Day 6: Night Time Day 7: Night Time Day 8: Day or Night Day 9: Night [...]


JAM – Just A Minute

For more information, visit jamcard.org. Cork College of FET - Morrison's Island Campus, announces the introduction of JAM cards in both of their college campuses in Cork City Centre and Skibbereen which will allow students with learning barriers or communications difficulties to discreetly communicate a need for empathy and understanding in [...]



The college fosters a positive culture where every member of the college community has the right to be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect irrespective of disability, gender, age, religion, civil status, race, sexual orientation, family background or membership of the travelling community. The college recognises the very serious nature of discrimination and the [...]


The Access Programme

The Access Programme provides assistance to students from DEIS schools and Youthreach Centres in Cork City and County in preparing for interviews for each of the Further Education Colleges within Cork ETB with the Student Support Forms and allows students to become familiar with a day in the life of a student in Further [...]

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