This course focuses on the key skills required to design, develop and test software that behaves reliably and efficiently. Students will learn the fundamentals of how to build commercially sound and robust applications using Java and Python and will learn how to create web sites using HTML and CSS. The student will learn the basics of networking and will also learn and apply modern software development methodologies. Students will participate in site visits. This course prepares the student for a career demanding specialist knowledge of programming and networking and serves well for a career in the computer science industry and is equally successful as a pre university course as many of our students progress.

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  • Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming 5N0541 Programming using Java (IDE: Eclipse) to design, build, test (using TestNG) and deploy Object Oriented applications.
  • Software Architecture 5N2772 Techniques to build industry standard software using traditional SDLCs and Agile methodologies (including Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming). Create UML diagrams (including use-case and class diagrams), and auto-generate Java code within Eclipse using Visual Paradigm. Please note:
    Visual Paradigm grants Cork College of FET – Morrison’s Island Campus online UML tools, BPMN tools, Agile Story Mapping tools, Task Management tools under the Academic Partner Program.
  • Programming and Design Principles 5N2927 Learn the fundamentals of programming including conditional statements, iteration and methods using Python (IDE: PyCharm), and the importance of programs being to industry standard at the front end and the back end.
  • Web Authoring 5N1910 Build professional websites using HTML and CSS.
  • Networking Essentials 5N2929 Connect digital devices using private, non-routable IPv4 addressing, and test connectivity using diagnostic tools. Build and deploy a LAN, and implement and manage network resources.
  • Maths for Information Technology 5N18396 Acquire mathematical skill in problem solving and mathematical investigations in the following areas: basic arithmetic and algebra, set theory and Boolean logic, functions and calculus , geometry and trigonometry, probability and statistics, and algorithms and computations.
  • Communications 5N0690 Development of interpersonal and other professional skills.
  • Work Experience 5N1356 Preparation for the work place, and a 2-week work placement in industry.

Additional Training/Workshops

  • Data Analytics Workshop: This workshop gives learners an overview of data analytics and actionable recommendations, including planning for a bigger focus on Data Analysis as they continue their studies. The workshop examines the essential techniques and methodologies used to gather and assess data and help learners to identify future career paths in Data Analytics. By the end of the workshop each learner will know what Big Data is and identify examples of Big Data in IT.  They will understand the essential techniques and methodologies used to gather and assess data.
  • Data Protection (online): This Data Protection course gives learners an overview of GDPR. The workshop examines what GDPR stands for and gives an understanding of the current data protection rules and obligations.  The learners also receive information on the types of data, the terminology associated with GDPR, the penalties with breaches, storage of data and general do’s and don’ts regarding data. A record of achievement from Morrison’s Island Campus is issued on successful completion.
  • STEM Aspire Mentorship Program (for female students), run by Dell EMC: DELL EMC and VMware invite our female students to participate in workshops that will help them progress along their chosen IT path. Each participant is assigned a mentor who provides continued support, engagement and encouragement to facilitate a student in achieving their IT career goal.

Leaving Certificate with at least a pass grade in mathematics or relevant computer experience. CERFL proficiency at B2 for access to Level 5 courses for those whose first language is not English. Mature students are exempt from Leaving Certificate requirement. All applicants will undergo a processing stage during which further information will be gathered in relation to their application.  An offer of a place on this course is contingent on the applicant meeting the entry requirements set out here and satisfactory completion of the processing stage.

We have excellent progressions in education including:

  • Morrison’s Island Campus: QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Software Development (Software Development).
  • MTU Cork: IT Management (MT805)
  • MTU Cork: Software Development (MT700 and MT800)
  • Inholland (Haarlem, The Netherlands): Entry to year 2 of B. Sc. Mathematical Engineering.
  • UCC: BIS (CK203)
  • UCC: Computer Science (CK401)
  • UCC: Psychology and Computing (CK121)

Excellent progression opportunities to other Higher Education colleges. Special arrangements in place with MTU Cork (CCPS), MTU Kerry and SETU (Waterford & Carlow) for preferential entry for students of Morrisons Island locations. See Progressions for details.

On successful completion of a full award, the student can apply for an entry level position as a programmer, an app developer, a website developer or a networks technician. The student is also very employable as a customer service operator, especially in the area of troubleshooting general computer problems.

  • Duration: September to May
  • Fees: €350 including QQI examination fees. (Medical card holders exempt from €50). See Payment for details.
  • Certification: QQI Level 5 Certificate in Software Development 5M0529.
  • Work Experience: Students will undertake a block work placement of 2 weeks in the IT area.

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    I would like take a moment and thank all my CCOC teachers for brilliant guidance through my studies on the Software Development course. As a result of the course, I got an entry level job in ICT in PFH at Little Island, starting as an IT Support Engineer for HSE users. It is a good entry level job to industry and It will help me to build my career in ICT.  I can use the skills and knowledge gained from the core computing modules and  I absolutely benefitted from the Communication and Work Experience module. Notes and drills from these modules helped me at my interview where I got really positive feedback from PFH. Our class group made a good team and as teamworking is a fundamental part of working in IT, it was great to practice it in the college (even we might not know we are doing that in our time).

    I am really grateful for the hard work of all the staff in CCOC and wouldn’t change anything about my CCOC experience.

    Jiri Zeman, PFH

    I recently finished my final year of CIT, graduating with a level 8 degree in Software Development. As I have finally reached the end of the road, I just wanted to say a huge thanks to the staff at the College of Commerce because I feel like if it wasn’t for starting the long road to becoming a Software Developer in the College of Commerce, I don’t think I would have taken to it the way I did. My time in CCoC was extremely enjoyable and it was an excellent environment to begin learning the foundations of software development and it’s all down to the teachers being excellent at their jobs and creating a great environment to learn and just making it a great place to enjoy the experience of learning new things.

    Cian Neally, Level 8 Software Development, CIT

    For years I thought further education wasn’t for me, I didn’t think I would have the skills or drive to succeed in college. Finding myself out of work, I decided to give it one last chance and return to education at the Cork College of Commerce to study Software Development. What struck me most about the college was the atmosphere the lecturers created. They were enthusiastic and genuinely wanted you to do well and in turn you wanted to do well too, it was invigorating. I actually began enjoying education for probably the first time in my life as I realised I could achieve something. I was given all the tools and support I needed to succeed. I am now studying Computer Science as a mature student in UCC and wouldn’t be here without their help

    Sam O'Donovan, Computer Science, UCC

    My year at College of Commerce doing Software Development gave me an open path into Software Development and IT in general. They helped put me on the right career path. The lecturers were very helpful, and I was given all the necessary support to succeed and now I am doing an apprenticeship in Software Development and work for the HSE. I would recommend the College of Commerce for an IT career path start.

    Nicole Miller, Software Developer, HSE

    I enjoyed my two years doing QQI level 5 and 6 Computer Science and Software Development in the Cork College of Commerce. I met some great people and learned valuable skills that I am able to directly apply to my work at Practice Evolve.

    Cian Hartigan, Practice Evolve

    The Computer Science course in the College of Commerce appealed to me because the modules looked interesting and I would get a qualification after one year and could then seek employment or progress to further studies. Applying for the course was the best decision I made. The teachers on the course are great, they made classes interesting and cared about each student. I would thoroughly recommend the Computer Science to anyone interested in ultimately working in IT.

    Margarita Tsekvava, Java Programmer