Applied Psychology (Applied Social Studies)

Are you intent on pursuing an education in psychology or the humanities? This pre-university course is designed to give you a complete grounding in the concepts, theories, terminology and research skills required to pursue a successful degree in a third level college. Build your confidence and competencies with the methodologies and knowledge necessary to [...]

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Applied Social Studies with Psychology (Applied Social Studies)

Do you have the abilities and aptitudes for working with people?  Do you wish to pursue an education in the areas of social science, social care, criminology or the humanities?  This pre-University course will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge base and the opportunity to progress to third level courses in these areas. View [...]


Nursing Studies (Nursing Studies)

Find out if Nursing is for you! This preparatory course is geared for those who intend to go on to further training for the BSc Degree in Nurse Education either in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales or abroad. You will be introduced to subjects/topics commonly studied in the first year of the nursing degree programme. [...]

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Computer Science (Computer Systems and Networks)

This course provides the student with core skills required in computer science for both industry and higher education.  The student will learn how to upgrade hardware, and how to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. The student will also examine the back-end of an Operating System, including configuration and fault management. Students participate in site [...]

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Software Development (Software Development)

This course focuses on the key skills required to design, develop and test software that behaves reliably and efficiently. Students will learn the fundamentals of how to build commercially sound and robust applications using Java and Python and will learn how to create web sites using HTML and CSS. The student will learn the [...]

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Youth Work (Youth Work)

Have you an interest in and an aptitude for working with young people?  Learn about all of the pertinent challenges and issues that face young people today in order to give you a stepping stone to study in this area. This full time course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to [...]

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Business (Business Studies)

This course is a broad based programme providing an excellent grounding in the skills and knowledge required in a modern business setting. Completion opens up progression avenues to various Higher Education establishments in addition to work opportunities. View Frequently Asked Questions for this course. Accounting -Manual and Computerised 5N1348 - Learn to prepare financial [...]

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Legal Administrator (Legal Studies)

This course doubles up as a pre-university option for those wishing to get a degree or for those who want to go straight to work in a legal office. Learn all of the important legal terms, get a grounding in many aspects of the law and get a feel for your future in the [...]

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Marketing with Event Production (Marketing)

If you see yourself with a future in Marketing, then this course is the course for you. If you enjoy an industry that is dynamic and evolving, you can commence your career here. The course can also be used as a preuniversity option with excellent progression links, some of which are listed below. Learn [...]

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Travel & Tourism (Tourism with Business)

Cork is well placed sitting between the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland's Ancient East and if you have an interest in promoting Cork and Ireland by becoming involved in the Tourism sector, then this is the course for you. You will learn about practical tour guide training, the IT skills needed to work in [...]

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