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Cork College of FET Morrison's Island Campus


Advanced Health & Social Care
with English Language Support
(Health Services Supervisory Management)

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Further your skills or knowledge from Level 5 in Healthcare (or related areas) with a programme developed to meet the supervisory requirements of the health, caring and community sector. Learn with confidence to be a competent leader, supervising care teams, which serve the needs of clients who rely on nursing homes and support services.


  • For entry to Level 6 a full QQI Level 5 award in a complementary area is required.
  • CERFL proficiency at B2 for access to Level 5 courses for those whose first language is not English.
  • All applicants will undergo a processing stage during which further information will be gathered in relation to their application.
  • An offer of a place on this course is contingent on the applicant meeting the entry requirements set out here and satisfactory completion of the processing stage.


September to May.


See fees & payment for details.


  • QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Health Services Supervisory Management (6M4978).
  • QQI Component Maths (5N1833) – available as an option in the evening for learners needing Maths for progression.


Work Experience - 6N1946

Present a detailed personal skills audit and career plan including personal goals, action points, development opportunities and career paths. Demonstrate supervisory skills and capacities in the workplace.

Mental Health Awareness - 6N2209

Demonstrate an awareness of how body and mind interact to promote positive mental health. Learn about the ongoing interventions available in the community for people with enduring mental health difficulties (day centres, sheltered workshops, resource centres etc.). Recognise positive and negative factors which may affect mental health.Examine treatment approaches and their application (medication, physiotherapy, counselling etc.). Evaluate positive supports in the community which promote positive mental health e.g. yoga,  pilates etc.

Special Needs Assisting - 6N1957

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the theory and practice underpinning the education and care of those who present with special educational needs to enable the learner to assist in the provision of this education and care.

Leadership - 6N2191

 Gain practical experience in implementing leadership skills including problem solving, strategic analysis and planning, effective communication skills and conducting meetings appropriately. Learn how to manage projects and tasks resulting in effective team performance and incorporating handling group dynamics, group roles, conflict resolution, diversity, teamwork and motivation.

Health Promotion - 6N2214

Understand the importance of raising the awareness of health related issues with individuals and within the community. Understand how to effectively evaluate health promotion programmes and organise a health promotion event relevant to the local community.

Gerontology - 6N3748

Evaluate a range of common age related psychological and physical changes and their effect on the ageing client, including personal and societal attitudes, personal bias, sterotyping, visual, auditory, musculatory, cardiopulmonary and skeletal factors. Evaluate how services in long term care establishments can assist clients and their failimies to cope with issues of integration and change and identify a range of entitlements available to older citizens.

Conflict Management - 6N2775

Explain the role, function, and forms of expression of conflict in group and organisational life. Demonstrate detailed knowledge of methods and strategies for managing conflict problems including solving, negotiation, passive, smoothing approach, adversarial approach, compromising, withdrawal and avoidance. Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses associated with a personal style of conflict management in group or organisational contexts. Demonstrate good practice in managing conflict in group or organisational contexts.

Boundary Management - 6N2207

The learner will be equipped with the knowledge, skill and competence to demonstrate and practice clear understanding of the ethical, legal and personal issues relating to appropriate boundaries in the workplace.

Supervisory Management - 6N4329

Summarise the duties and responsibilities of a supervisory manager, to include reference to relevant policies and services in the chosen vocational or work environment. Evaluate up-to-date industry standards, guidelines and recommended practices that affect the work environment. Describe the precautions necessary to safeguard information and/or records. Analyse insurance requirements. Maintain procedures for work-related activities and maintain work related documentation. Learn how to prepare a budget, train staff and carry out staff evaluations.

English as a Second Language - 6N3161.

Explore a variety of theorists / practitioners / therapists e.g Freud and Rogers, look at the brain as well as memory and how it works.  Learn specifics about addiction, schizophrenia, depression, eating disorders, stress, emotional The learner will be equipped with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to communicate with fluency in the target language, socially and in the work environment, independently and or in a supervisory capacity.


  • CPI Safety Intervention training (formerly known as MAPA).
  • Holistic Therapies.


Students will undertake a block work placement of four weeks (min. 150 hours) in a hospital or care home setting. Garda vetting is an integral part of the application procedure for this course. Hepatitis B and flu vaccinations (others may be required in individual settings) are required for work experience in a healthcare setting. Applicants should be aware that healthcare environments used in work experience may insist that students are fully vaccinated for Covid 19.

Students are encouraged to source their own Work Placement but you will be supported by the Work Placement team should you need assistance to do this.


Some of our popular progression opportunities include:

  • SETU: SE928 BA in Applied Health Care L7 (Year 2 entry).
  • UCC: CK102 Social Science L8.
  • MTU Cork: MT572 Social Care L7.

Excellent progression opportunities to other Higher Education colleges. Special arrangements in place with MTU Cork (CCPS), MTU Kerry and SETU (Waterford & Carlow) for preferential entry for students of Morrison’s Island locations. Go to our progressions database for exact requirements on progressions for this course.


Supervisory and administrative roles in Nursing homes, hospitals, private homecare sector, intellectual disability environments.

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