If you are an organised person and would love to work in administration in a busy doctors, dentists, hospital or other healthcare environment then this course is perfect for you. The admin team member in these environments is the person who sensitively deals with vulnerable clients to ensure that they are professionally dealt with. If you can see yourself in that role then this is the right course for you.

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I spend a very productive year at the Cork College of Commerce, I decided to upskill and retrain in administration (having previously worked as a Chef and also in Sales) so I attended the Medical and Dental Receptionist Course. I never for one minute regretted my decision as I really enjoyed my time here. From the first day it was hands on but at a pace that suited us all and we learned steadily each week. There was a great mix of ages in the class which worked well, we all had different skills that we shared with each other, I have made lifelong friends.

Extra help was always at hand and I found all the staff and teachers so helpful and approachable. I took advantage of any seminars, trainings and extra day courses that were offered to us. This helped me greatly, spurred on by these trainings I decided to enter the colleges yearly “Presentation Skills” Competition, which I am delighted to say that I won.

Marion Jane McCarthy, Cork College of Commerce (Reception)

I have great memories from my time in College of Commerce. I made lifelong friends there. Everything was well covered before exams which were frequent but I found that easier for learning. The coursework was enjoyable and varied. I learned many people skills and how to deal with the public and work colleagues. The staff were a great support and always happy to help. All the skills I gained in College of Commerce contribute in helping me to complete my daily work tasks in my permanent contracted job in Cork University Hospital.

Sinead Foley, Cork University Hospital

I had a very pleasant experience when I was studying Medical and Dental Reception in the Cork College of Commerce.  There was a variant of ages in the class, all were welcome.  I found assignments to be well spaced out and the practical subjects were well chosen for the course.  Staff proved to be very helpful and understanding.  My colleagues were very nice and we engaged in much teamwork.  I feel the Course made me ready for the world of work.  I am now a secretary to a consultant in a private clinic.

Anita Tegt, Medical and Dental Reception

After more than twenty years working in pharmacy, I decided in 2019 that I was being left behind when it came to IT. I needed to up skill and it was now or never, so I took the plunge and signed up for the Medical Administration course. Initially, I was so far out of my comfort zone, I questioned whether I could continue but the encouragement and support that I got, not only from all the staff but also from fellow pupils was what got me through. As the weeks and months went by, I began to adapt and it has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences, far exceeding all my expectations.
The atmosphere in the college is just so warm and friendly, and the staff go above and beyond to help students in every way possible. As a mature student, I was nervous that I wouldn’t fit in but I can honestly say I never felt self conscious or out of place. There was a lovely range of ages in the class and I met some fabulous people on the course.
The Medical Administration course was so interesting and the subjects and modules were very varied. I completed tasks and assignments that I never dreamed possible. Initially I lacked confidence and self belief, but as time progressed my confidence grew and I am now very proud of my achievements.
There were lots of extra tutorials if you needed help with a particular subject and the teachers were all very understanding and friendly. There were also lots of extra curricular activities organized throughout the year and lots of career and recruitment advice.
Looking back on my year in the college it was hard work and took a lot of determination but it was definitely worth every minute and I would totally recommend It to anyone regardless of age…… just go for it. You won’t regret it.

Mary Cowman

I spent one year doing a QQI Level 5 Course in Medical and Dental Reception.  Overall my experience in the Cork College of Commerce was very positive.  As a mature student I felt very supported and looked after.  There was discipline and structure in the College but it was not over rigid.  I had some practical subjects which have proved very relevant to my current job.  I found my confidence grew over the year I spent at the College.  Staff were very encouraging and my colleagues were a huge resource and source of support.  I now work in the Cork University Hospital.

Rosemary O’Mahony, Medical and Dental Reception

I did QQI Level 5 Certificate in Office Administration, Medical and Dental Receptionist. I found the College of Commerce most welcoming and the teachers so helpful and encouraging. I gained confidence in myself as a person and found the whole experience helped me in my future career.

Breda Barry, Medical and Dental Receptionist

I had a great experience in the College, I really enjoyed it – it was my second time to attend. The course work is relevant, helpful and stands to me in my job. I gained extra confidence in my use of computers. We were issued with achievable deadlines to complete our work. They also ensured you to stay on track. The course is very hands on, there is a two week block of work experience so you gain practical knowledge too. There is much information available on job opportunities from Course Director and email – it is how I got my job. The staff are very approachable and helpful. I met and made great friends throughout my time in the College.

Louise McDonnell, Receptionist, Dr O'Regan, Donnybrook

This is a really good College. The teachers were very helpful and I met great friends. Exams were frequent which I found great to keep us interested and focused. The coursework was varied so we got a taste for everything. My confidence really increased and it made me more outgoing. There were many job opportunities and I am now in full time employment. Staff were very friendly and helpful. With the skills I had learned when I finished in College I was well able to go and get a job.

Orla Young, Bons Secours, Tralee