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Cork College of FET – Morrison’s Island Campus, announces the introduction of JAM cards in both of their college campuses in Cork City Centre and Skibbereen which will allow students with learning barriers or communications difficulties to discreetly communicate a need for empathy and understanding in social situations that they might find challenging.

JAM stands for “Just a Minute” and was developed specifically by Belfast based social enterprise NOW Group for people with learning disabilities to allow them to ask for “just a minute” of patience in customer service situations.  However, the JAM card can also be used by anyone with a communication barrier such as Asperger’s or Autism but can also be used by those with a brain injury or people who may feel self-conscious about their ability to effectively communicate when engaging with other people.

All staff in the college have received JAM Card training so they will be aware of the card and why a student might be using it.