If you have been unemployed for some time or wish to retrain or reskill to return to the workplace then this is the course for you. If you would like to become an IT technician involved in installation, repair and maintenance of equipment you can gain a solid foundation in these skills coupled with IT technical support and an introduction to the security area. Study in a supported mentored environment to release your potential. Students participate in site visits.


  • Operating Systems 5N2928 Install and configure a desktop Operating System, and use system utilities to manage faults, system components, and directories. Configure disk partitions, set a multi-boot and learn how to eliminate possible threats to your system.
  • Networking Essentials 5N2929 Connect digital devices using private, non-routable IPv4 addressing, and test connectivity using diagnostic tools. Build and deploy a LAN, and implement and manage network resources.
  • Computer Systems Hardware 5N0548 Examine the different types of computers currently available. Explore the inside of a computer, and learn about CPUs, storage, memory and more, and how all these interact. Learn how to troubleshoot, and to improve a computer’s performance.
  • Virtualisation Support 5N2434 Construct and configure virtual components and networks, including client and server virtualisation.
  • ICT Security Policy and Technology 5N0583 Identify appropriate software solutions to safeguard network and client devices information to plan and develop investigative strategies and to determine solutions to varied unfamiliar problems. Identify security risks, create data backups and plan for disaster recovery.
  • Maths for Information Technology 5N18396 Acquire mathematical skill in problem solving and mathematical investigations in the following areas: basic arithmetic and algebra, set theory and Boolean logic, functions and calculus , geometry and trigonometry, probability and statistics, and algorithms and computations.
  • Communications 5N0690 Acquire the writing skills needed for the workplace, learn to speak fluently and coherently in a professional setting, develop interpersonal skills and have an understanding of the impact of ICT on society.
  • Work Experience 5N1356 Planning, preparation and reflection on work placement. Job finding strategies, CV and personal statement preparation, interview skills. Practice employability skills with a view to future planning. Students undertake work placement one day per week for the duration of the year. Students are required to source their own placement in a suitable IT related setting.
  • Students will be givne the opportunity to sit the VMware Certified Associate – Digital Business Transformation (VCA- DBT) exam (optional).

Additional Training/Workshops

  • Manual Handling Training and Certification: Manual handling training is required under Regulation 13 of the 1993 (General Application Regulations) and 1993 Manual Handling Regulations. This training programme is aimed at providing all persons at work with proper techniques when lifting, carrying, loading, pushing and supporting. It provides employees with good work practices such as proper lift Manual Handling Techniques. The course includes being aware of the necessity for safe methods of manual handling to reduce the risk of injury and understanding the need to avoid manual handling by using mechanical aids where possible. Furthermore, assessing the task using the TILE criteria (task, individual, load, environment) and implementing the correct method of lifting ensuring minimal risk to self and co-workers will also be included.  Finally, knowing how to safely execute all relevant workplace manual handling tasks will be demonstrated. A certificate will be issued to learners who successfully complete the course.
  • FIT employment supports: Includes CV workshops, interview skills and mock interviews to give the students the necessary skills to atain employment.

Long term unemployed with no previous educational qualification higher than FETAC/QQI Level 4; applicants should be aged 21 and over and in receipt of social welfare payment. CERFL proficiency at B2 for access to Level 5 courses for those whose first language is not English. Applications through FIT at (021) 2428755, www.fit.ie or contact your Local Intreo Centre.  Application can also be made directly to the college, through the college website. All applicants are interviewed. An offer of a place on this course is contingent on the applicant meeting the entry requirements set out here and satisfactory presentation at interview.

Excellent progressions including:

  • MTU Cork: IT Management (MT805)
  • MTU Cork: Software Development (MT700 and MT800)
  • UCC: BIS (CK203)
  • UCC: Computer Science (CK401)
  • UCC: Psychology and Computing (CK121)

Excellent progression opportunities to other Higher Education colleges. Special arrangements in place with MTU Cork (CCPS), MTU Kerry and SETU (Waterford & Carlow) for preferential entry for students of Morrisons Island locations. See Progressions for details.

The dual nature of this course (hardware and software), opens many employment opportunities for students. Graduates are well placed to take up positions in IT repair outlets, and in the IT departments of many organisations. Graduates can also apply for internship programmes.

  • Duration: September to May
  • Fees: €50 including QQI examination fees. (Medical card holders exempt from €50). See Payment for details.
  • Certification:
    • QQI Level 5 Certificate in Computer Systems and Networks 5M0536
    • Manual Handling Training and Certification
  • Work Experience: Students undertake work placement one day per week for the duration of the year. Students are required to source their own placement in a suitable IT related setting.

Email: FITcourses@morrisonsislandcampus.ie          Tel: (021) 4223836

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    In 2015 I enrolled in a FIT course in the College of Commerce. Over 20 years had passed since I had attended any educational setting and I was unsure of what lay ahead of me. Five years later, I have graduated with an honours degree in Software Development from CIT. My success would not have been possible without the experience I had in my 2 years in the College of Commerce. The PC Maintenance and Support course and then the Advanced Software Development course gave me a great foundation on which to build when I went to CIT. With constant access to PCs, theory and practice went hand in hand. The staff were wonderful. Their dedication and commitment to the students was first class, always encouraging and ever helpful. It was a pleasure to attend Cork College of Commerce.

    Jeremy Staunton, Nimbus, CIT

    If I could turn back the time, my time on Cork College of Commerce would be the first one. Attending the Cork College of Commerce gave me a lot of advantages now in CIT. Modules which I did in the College are corresponding with my recent modules in CIT, giving me an upper hand to fly through my assignments. If it wasn’t for Cork College all these modules were going to be new to me. The lecturers were so good and were giving me a hand where I was finding it difficult. I gained a lot by being a volunteer on Age Action teaching older people how to use computers. It gave me a chance to socialise with older people telling me about their life experiences. Not forgetting friends which I made during my year on Cork College of Commerce. Winning the McCarthy Indoor Soccer Cup Final which is held by Cork College of Commerce every year was an achievement to me.

    Seas Alface, CIT

    Having been unemployed for over 5 years and getting nothing but rejection emails from all jobs I applied for, my self-belief was at its lowest point ever in my life. I couldn’t see a future in front of me and the stress of trying to keep a roof over my family’s head I decided to apply to Cork College of Commerce to attend a computer course. It was the best decision I ever made. Each and every one of my tutors were fantastic and slowly but surely my confidence and self-belief came back. Instead of having a fear of what the next day would bring it would be a day of anticipation of what will I learn next. I left the college with a bright new look on life, and thankfully within 6 months I am now in full time employment in a job I absolutely love doing. I don’t say this lightly, but I owe my life to the staff and friends I made in the college.

    Francis Leahy, FIT - IT Maintenance and Support, now working with for UN1F1ED2 Global Packaging