Student Job Hub
A number of services/supports are offered in our dedicated Jobs hub, to help students in their job search. Students can make individual appointments
and can get information on where and how to apply for jobs, CV and cover letters, interview preparation/tips, personal branding and personal coaching etc. Personal and Professional Presentation workshops are offered throughout the year. Workshops on Presentations Skills are also provided. Motivational speakers also provided.

Linkedin Workshops
All students have the opportunity to avail of LinkedIn training throughout the College year whether it be part of the Jobs Hub schedule or the tailored LinkedIn
workshops provided by the college. This gives students the opportunity to set up and utilise their LinkedIn profile to maximise their personal branding and opportunities for employment.

Jobs Register and Placement Service
Potential employers contact the college on a regular basis to advertise job vacancies. All of our graduates are invited to sign up with our register so that they have
access to all employment opportunities that come into the college.

College Recruitment Registration Fair/Jobs Fair
Every March, an extensive range of recruitment agencies are invited to participate in our Recruitment Registration Day. Students have an opportunity to meet
representatives from these agencies and get information and advice.

Employment Opportunities Expo
All students can access the Annual Cork College of FET – Morrison’s Island Campus Employment Expo where some of Cork’s leading businesses come to the College to speak with and interview students for prospective jobs in their companies.

Linkedin Alumni & Business Community Group
The college has a Linkedin group for past students and the business community. All our students and graduates are invited to join with industry professionals, for internship, recruitment purposes and networking.

Industry supported Competitions
A number of opportunities are given to students to present themselves and their work to industry professionals, in a competitive environment, during the year.

Educational Digital Badges
The College is delighted to reward students who have shown accomplishments, qualities, achievements or interests during their time with us. We reward this by providing the student with the Cork College of FET – Morrison’s Island Campus Digital Badge which they can display on their C.V or share online on a range of platforms including virtual learning environments, blogs, E-portfolios and social media sites such as Linkedin.

Industry Quality Review
As part of our Industry Engagement, we review a selection of courses each year with industry representatives. Our courses are reviewed with industry representatives, to ensure that our courses are “industry fit”.

Research for up to date course and content
We continue to research and design new courses, in line with industry needs.

Practical use of latest technology and solutions
As a college, we keep our courses up to date with the latest technology. This ensures that upon completion of their course, students will be best placed with up to date knowledge and skills.

FET Teacher Industry Placement
Our teachers enthusiastically participate in industry placements for a block of time, on a regular basis in order to keep abreast with work places and practices
relevant to their courses.

The Purple Pod simulated work environment
Some of our courses are enhanced by the opportunity to work in a simulated work environment, giving students the opportunity to work with the pressures and
deadlines of every day work.

Embedded TEL Strategies
Access to a range of online learning materials are available in the college, including Moodle. This allows students to access course material online, connect to
discussion forums and submit assignments. Use and certification of industry specific software and apps are embedded in the courses.

Work Experience
All of our courses include work experience/work placement as a block or as one day a week.

Employer Mentoring
This takes a number of forms. Employers participate in JAI Enabling Entrepreneur programme, industry mentors are heavily involved in apprenticeships, teaching staff are mentored on FET Teacher Industry Placement and mentoring forms a part of course review. All students are monitored as part of the work experience programme.

Enterprise Day
Our annual Enterprise Day brings representatives from industry and the Local Enterprise Office. Speakers engage with students to inform them about their own experiences, useful ideas, tips and available supports.

Guest Speakers
During the academic year, a number of invited guest speakers give presentations to various student groups.

Site visits
Students and teachers engage in industry visits to get firsthand experience of the work related environments related to their course.

Employment Opportunities Expo
All students can access the Annual Cork College of FET – Morrison’s Island Campus Employment Expo where some of Cork’s leading businesses come to the College to speak with and interview students for prospective jobs in their companies.

Key Memberships of Institutes
The college has membership of a number of Institutes/Professional Bodies that allow staff and students the opportunity to network and engage with industry professionals.

Industry Partnerships with key courses
Partnership companies have been identified and work directly with some of our courses. Students are assigned work placement in one or more of the partner companies during their course.