I spent one year doing an Essential IT for the Office Course in the Cork College of Commerce, this gave me a Level 5 QQI qualification in Office Informatics.  My experience was very positive, I loved the buzz and environment of the college.  I found the learning environment great and I decided that I wanted to continue learning.  As a result of finishing the Level 5 course I was able to progress to the CIT where I am presently studying for a Level 7 in Business Administration.  My time in the Cork College of Commerce has given me the confidence to go to the CIT.

Chloe Randals, Essential IT for The Office & CIT

Being seriously dyslexic and also having been out of education for years, the idea of going back into education was scary. I did not believe that I had the skills and knowledge requirements to cope with this course. Once I started college, I surprised myself with the abilities I did not realise I had. The course had a fantastic structure and I was able to keep up with the college assignments. I felt confident handing my work up. This was down to the teachers always willing to go the extra mile for their students.

I graduated this course with all distinctions and I am now attending Limerick University doing a level 8 course. The College of Commerce helped me achieve this goal, and it was truly worth it, as I thought this would have never been possible. I truly believe I will have a promising future in a career which would not been possible without the level 5 Computer Science course.

I could not highly recommend this course more.

James McLoughlin, Computer Science & UL

I feel I had an excellent and very positive experience having completed Essential IT for the Office in the Cork College of Commerce.  I found the Course to be very structured.  We completed some very practical subjects that will stand to me for life.  Teachers were there to help with course work and to help prioritise work.  I was lucky to secure a full-time job having finished the course and am now working as an administrator in Intouch Control Systems Ltd which is located in Little Island.

Andrea Dulea, Office Administration

When I reflect on my course in Cork College of Commerce I conclude that the experience not only made me a better care giver but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. Before going to Cork College of Commerce to do healthcare assistant course I had done many other courses but unfortunately none of them was fruitful.

Some of the modules were very difficult but with incredibly supportive classmates, and teachers who were nothing short of champions, I was challenged to discover the talent for caring for people who need help with the activities of daily living which I didn’t know I had. That talent has played a central role in my work, as a carer. It is vital to thinking, to planning, to imagination, to communication, and to engagement.

Having been shaped in part by the collegial and creative, yet rigorous, environment at CCOC I found myself able to communicate, innovate, and collaborate in ways that enabled me to build a successful career and eventually to find a rewarding career in a warm nursing home since March immediately after my work experience. In my current role as Healthcare Assistant, I work with the elderly people who need help with ADL and people living with dementia.

I am strengthened every day by the knowledge I developed during my time at CCOC, which will forever continue to develop. It was a wonderful time in my life, and the best educational experience I’ve had. I will definitely recommend this course for people with a passion for caring for people who need help with ADL.

Emilian Malong, Healthcare Assistant & UCC

Applying Professional Cookery course at the Cork College of Commerce was the best decision I could have made for me. It gave me all the knowledge and confidence that I needed for me to go out and work in the industry and progress onto CIT to complete my degree. All the subjects were very interesting and have helped me in my current course. The lecturers were incredibly helpful and got to know all of us on a personal level. I have made some great friend because of the course and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Emma Twomey, Professional Cookery & Culinary Arts (CIT)

College of Commerce is the place to meet awesome people, great staff and the best teachers!

The Holistic and Physical Therapies course is only 2 years. It is recognized outside Ireland so if you love a hands on career and travelling, this is the course for you.

To succeed in this course you need to be passionate about the human body and mind. You will need to study hard and practice your massage techniques outside college hours. This course will also teach you how to become an entrepreneur if you like to set up your own business.

I love my current position as a massage/beauty therapist in The Spa at the Kingsley, in Cork where I am doing a large range of treatments.

I really enjoyed studying at College of Commerce where I learnt theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The course changed my life and helped me to become the best of myself.

Sandrine Pageot, Holistic and Physical Therapies & The Spa, The Kingsley Hotel

Last year I did the Police and Security Studies Level 5 in the College of Commerce. I really enjoyed my time here at the college and because of it I’m doing my dream job- working in K9 security! I learnt so much in my classes and the teachers were so helpful and were always there to help you if you needed it. The college invited the company I work for, CI Secure in for a talk about the work we do and it was so nice to be back. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the college!

Chloe Hunter , Police and Security Studies & K9 Security

I am currently working full time in the new Aspire lounge handling private passengers, private aircraft and crew and business class guests in Cork Airport, I am now permanently employed there.

The college course I completed in college of commerce really helped me in the workplace as we handle the Amadeus system on a daily basis and the general systems and checking we use are very similar it.

The classes and information I learnt in the College come in useful most days from a tourism point of view. The many other classes I took, such as customer service & Airline Studies relate to the industry and day to day life in the airport.

The day classes and half-day grooming talks helped greatly too as we have a strict grooming and uniform code in the lounge and these classes helped me and hopefully you keep them on for further years.

Just want to say a big thank you to all the staff in Cork College of Commerce who helped and helped improve on myself.

Lily Carpenter, Airline Studies & Aspire Lounge

I am a past student of CCOC, Applied Psychology and Social Studies. I graduated with an honours degree in Social Work and would like to thank CCOC for helping me start my college journey and for being part of career change. The foundation was truly set because of CCOC. Due to the nature of my course, I found myself dipping in and out of my CCOC notes as they overlapped with a number of UCC modules. Furthermore, as a young girl I was petrified of Maths and when I realised Economics was a module in UCC, I felt more prepared thanks to Jenny in CCOC who taught me statistics. CCOC was of great benefit to me even 4 years on and I would encourage any mature student thinking about applying for a course in CCOC, to just do it. They certainly will not regret it.
I also want to extend my hand if you would like me to give a talk in CCOC at some stage regarding Social Work, UCC, writing a personal statement, the transition from CCOC to UCC or even the transition from full time work to college. I would like to give back something to the college. I am beginning my career as a Child Protection and Welfare Social Worker with Tusla in the next two weeks. I would like to help anyone thinking about college or university.

Charlene Hogan, Human Resource Admin

I studied Human Resource Administration in the Cork College of Commerce.

I was going through a stage where I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I did know that I needed to be doing something. I needed to up my skills as quickly as possible so that I could get into the workforce and this was easiest way I saw to do that. I therefore decided to do a Course on HR Administration.

I was able to gain the skills that I needed to get a full time, permanent job, because the HR Administration course is so broad that it allowed me to get a job in a completely different field. I now work as a Legal Secretary. The course covered all the bases, whether you intend going into the world of work or going on to higher education, you will be well equipped.

I also got the chance to meet some amazing people that I would have never come across otherwise. It has set me on the path that I’m on right now and I am so grateful to the staff and all the teachers for being so helpful and willing to lend their wisdom and expertise at any moment.

All of that made the year an altogether enjoyable one. If you’re looking for a course that combines working with people and a broad knowledge of the world of work, then this is the course for you.

Kafayat Elegushi, Human Resource Admin

I completed a Level 5 QQI Reception and Customer Service Course in the Cork College of Commerce, I had a really great experience.  The Course really suited me, it gave me confidence in my own abilities.  The staff were very encouraging and wanted students to achieve their full potential.  I made lifelong friends who were very helpful and supportive.  I am presently doing a Level 6 QQI Course in Office Management.  When I complete this course I hope to get a job either in a hotel reception of at a front office reception.  What I have learned in the Cork College of Commerce will allow me to achieve this goal.

Róisín Hayes, Reception and Customer Service & Office Management

I am now following my dream of studying Forestry in WIT, and it’s all thanks to the College of Commerce. I applied for Computer Science because I wanted to get back into education and change my career path. I am here today because of that decision and it has changed my life.

Computer Science gave me a great advantage in my current course. I studied Java and am now using VB on a mapping subject and I’m quite comfortable with it because of Java. I’m using maths 5 days a week including maths for forestry (forest mensuration is the subject of maths and calculations specifically for forestry with its own formulas) and Excel. I have no fear of it because of the maths module that I studied in Cork College of Commerce. One thing I can’t emphasise enough, communications is a top subject and taken very serious in WIT. Thanks for the skills I was taught in Communications, as I had a head start on most of my class in 2 (yes 2) semesters of communications lectures.

I can highly recommend the Cork College of Commerce to anyone who wants a change in their career path.

Glenn Coughlan, Computer Science & WIT

I had a very pleasant experience when I was studying Medical and Dental Reception in the Cork College of Commerce.  There was a variant of ages in the class, all were welcome.  I found assignments to be well spaced out and the practical subjects were well chosen for the course.  Staff proved to be very helpful and understanding.  My colleagues were very nice and we engaged in much teamwork.  I feel the Course made me ready for the world of work.  I am now a secretary to a consultant in a private clinic.

Anita Tegt, Medical and Dental Reception

Although it had its ups and downs, I will be forever grateful for my time at Cork College of Commerce. Over the two years I spent at the College, I developed an array of skills which I had to chance to apply through work experience in the likes of AM O Sullivan PR, EIL Ireland and The Everyman Theatre.

I was also given the opportunity to take part in the Pitstop Leadership Programme and, along with a classmate, put together a hugely successful event during our second year which was to raise fund for the Cork City Hospitals Children’s Club.

My time in the College gave me the guidance and information I needed to find the right next steps for my education. It is because of them I am currently studying in UCC the innovative BA in Digital Humanities and Information Technology, a course I would never have known about if it wasn’t for the highly supportive staff of Cork College of Commerce.

Kayleigh Falvey, BA in Digital Humanities and Information Technology

My time in Cork College of Commence studying Beauty Therapy was fantastic with such a great bunch of girls all there to help each other. The teachers were so understanding and helped each us reach our best potential which showed in exam results at the end of the year when the effort was put into it.

It was a very interesting course and I loved every minute of it, studying a lot of different aspects and subjects was an eye opener, as I didn’t realize how in depth the course would be but it stands to me working in the beauty industry today, I am currently working in Jessie’s hair and beauty day spa in Clonakilty.

Margaret O'Regan, Beauty Therapy & Jessie’s Hair and Beauty Day Spa

I spent one year doing a QQI Level 5 Course in Medical and Dental Reception.  Overall my experience in the Cork College of Commerce was very positive.  As a mature student I felt very supported and looked after.  There was discipline and structure in the College but it was not over rigid.  I had some practical subjects which have proved very relevant to my current job.  I found my confidence grew over the year I spent at the College.  Staff were very encouraging and my colleagues were a huge resource and source of support.  I now work in the Cork University Hospital.

Rosemary O'Mahony, Office Administration & Cork University Hospital

“Two years ago I was extremely upset when I realised I did not have enough points for Early Childhood Studies. I then made the best decision I could have made and decided to go to Cork College of Commerce. For the last two years I have been studying Early Years level 5 and 6. During my time in the college every lecturer I had was extremely helpful and cared about every student in their class and helped each one to achieve their goals. I am delighted to say my goal was achieved as I received a second year offer to Waterford Institute of Technology to further my studies in Early Childhood Studies and receive a level 8 degree. I would highly recommend Cork College of Commerce to anyone.” 

Amy O'Leary, WIT

“Returning to third level education as a mature student can be very daunting. I personally felt that the College of Commerce was the perfect place to start my journey in Early Years Education. The course is extremely rewarding, due to its challenging nature and helpful lecturers with a multitude of experience. The best aspect of this course was the balance they aim to strike between theory and practice. The diverse and individual ongoing support of the lecturers, their attitude, capability and genuine willingness to help their students is second to none. I am extremely happy with the course and have achieved a high score as a result of the excellent tuition I received. I would recommend CCOC to anyone looking to further their education no matter what age or stage of life you’re in.”

Mahelia Wolfertz

“I repeated my Leaving Cert with you guys in June 2013 and I still maintain it was the best decision I’ve ever made!! It was so tough in August 2012, when I missed my nursing and all my friends went off to college. A few meltdowns later and I realised (even though I didn’t want to admit it!!) the best thing to do would be to do it all over again. 

I’m SO glad I went to CCOC – the support throughout was second to none, the teachers were super passionate and I knew they wanted us to do well. Quite simply, I wouldn’t have done as well if I had gone anywhere else for the year!!!

Fast forward to August 2013, and my jaw hit the floor when I got my results (still can’t believe it!!!) and a big hug for the one and only Miriam DeBarra.

Fast forward 5 years and I have just graduated from UCC with an honours degree in Children’s & General Nursing!! I am beside myself, and again I put it down to that year in CCOC – I wouldn’t have gotten into my course if it wasn’t for the constant support, attention to detail and hard working staff of CCOC. I was crying happy tears this time around!!!

I have nothing but respect and admiration for the dream team of CCOC.”

Meabh MacManamon, Repeat Leaving Certificate

“I started my college experience in Cork College of Commerce two years ago. I chose General Childcare and it was the best decision I made in taking steps to reach my goal. The lecturers were amazing and went well out of their way to help us achieve good grades and settle in to college life. I have accepted a place in Early Childhood Studies in University College Cork. I was delighted when I received my CAO offers I received both my first choices in level 7/8. I would never have been able to get there if it wasn’t for the dedicated and hardworking lecturers. The small classes really allowed us to excel in each module. I would recommended anyone who is thinking about studying in CCOC to do it!”

Lisa O'Donovan, Level 6 Early Years

” I just wanted to say thank you again for your support last year and to let you know I have been accepted into UCC to study General Nursing.

I do believe that I was able to achieve this due to the support and encouragement I received from all of you. The course has prepared me for my next adventure from aspects on how to write assignments to refocusing my brain to study. It was also through the course work and work experience that I discovered my original plan to practise as a midwife was no longer what I wanted and general nursing (A&E nursing) is the right path. 

It was very daunting to “go back to school” especially being a mature student but I’m glad I did and, I would recommend anyone who is considering the same at my age to consider College of Commerce before going on further to prepare them for what lies ahead too.”

Susan, UCC

“Having attended CCOC I felt it gave me a solid grounding in a diverse range of topics within IT, this diversity helped me to understand the area of IT I would like to pursue and ultimately shaped my career. The work experience arranged by CCOC during my course kick-started my career and I will be forever thankful to the dedicated team. I would highly recommend Cork College of Commerce to any prospective student looking for a start in an information technology career.”

Anthony O'Callaghan, Flextronics

“For years I thought further education wasn’t for me, I didn’t think I would have the skills or drive to succeed in college. Finding myself out of work, I decided to give it one last chance and return to education at the Cork College of Commerce to study Software Development. What struck me most about the college was the atmosphere the lecturers created. They were enthusiastic and genuinely wanted you to do well and in turn you wanted to do well too, it was invigorating. I actually began enjoying education for probably the first time in my life as I realised I could achieve something. I was given all the tools and support I needed to succeed. I am now studying Computer Science as a mature student in UCC and wouldn’t be here without their help.”

Sam O'Donovan, UCC

“College of Commerce has given me the skills and experience to work in IT. I really loved my time there with my class mates and teachers. The structure of the course prepared me for the workplace. When I was doing my exams I felt fully prepared as my teachers put in much time and effort for each one of us. The coursework was detailed and I really liked what I was doing. The course boosted my confidence and prepared me well for the job I have now. It opened my mind to many opportunities. The staff were so helpful and I had amazing teachers. I met and made many great friends. I am now working in Abtran for Sky Ireland and this course got me there.”

Sarah Jane McNicholas, Abtran for Sky Ireland

“This is a really good College. The teachers were very helpful and I met great friends. Exams were frequent which I found great to keep us interested and focused. The coursework was varied so we got a taste for everything. My confidence really increased and it made me more outgoing. There were many job opportunities and I am now in full time employment. Staff were very friendly and helpful. With the skills I had learned when I finished in College I was well able to go and get a job.”

Orla Young, Bon Secours, Tralee

“Attending College of Commerce was a very positive experience for me. It helped to build my confidence to be able to return to work. The College is structured and managed well. It is really geared towards the workplace. Coursework is relevant and manageable. I secured work and started immediately after finishing the course. The information available on job vacancies was excellent. The staff are very efficient, friendly and helpful. Our class were very close and got on well together.”

Jan Sheehan, Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital

“As part of my work experience I was the make up artist for two short films being made by another college. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about the production of films and what its like to be on set as a make up artist. Since the course I am working as a freelance artist doing weddings, photo shoots and theatre work. I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of becoming a make up artist.”

Katie Byrne, Freelance Artist

“I have gotten a job with Steiner and will be leaving on the 11th of December! I wanted to say a very belated thank you for arranging the tour of the cruise ship in Cobh last May. It was the most amazing day ever, I’ll never forget it. It really motivated me to work towards getting a job with Steiner and here I am 6 months later ready to jet off!! I couldn’t be happier and it’s all thanks to the Beauty Therapy course and the incredible teachers.”

Niamh Barrett, Steiner Cruises

“The college was for me a great starting point for me as it helped me to discover the qualities and skills which I hadn’t discovered before. This encouraged me to continue with my third level education to CIT. There have been so many improvements in my educational life because of what I have learnt in CCOC. I am very grateful to all of teachers of for their time, sacrifice and encouragement during my time at the college and I won’t forget that.”

Erick Ndambi, CIT

“The Computer Science course in the College of Commerce appealed to me because the modules looked interesting and I would get a qualification after one year and could then seek employment or progress to further studies. Applying for the course was the best decision I made. The teachers on the course are great, they made classes interesting and cared about each student. I would thoroughly recommend the Computer Science to anyone interested in ultimately working in IT.”

Margarita Tsekvava, Clearstream

“CCOC provided me with the encouraging, supportive & motivating environment I needed to excel in my studies & progress to UWSTD where I completed my Marketing degree with just one further year study there. The high marks I received in my degree was testament to the three years I spent in CCOC being constantly challenged & supported by brilliant teachers, as is my job as a Marketing Executive.  The personal approach was one of my best aspects, everyone’s needs were catered for individually and there was no “one size fits all” attitude.”

Teresa Lehane, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

“I studied Language and European studies at the Cork College of Commerce, and it was the best choice I ever made. I am now studying in UCC and I definitely wouldn’t have got here without this amazing course. The best year of my life was spent at the Cork College of Commerce!”

Dylan Lee, UCC

“I loved my marketing and event management course in CCOC. It is a great college where you get a lot of support and help from your tutors. It gave me the confidence to pursue higher education, which I am currently studying a degree in Marketing and Multimedia at the University of Roehampton.”

Angela Ennis, University of Roehampton

“The minute I opened my Leaving Cert results last year, I knew I had no option but to repeat. Of course at first I was very hesitant, but now I couldn’t think of a better place to do it than at the Cork College of Commerce. From day one, I knew that the teachers were very exam focused, and they work hard to help you maximise your points, and the excellent support I received from the Study Advisor and Guidance Councillors really helped me to reach my full potential. Their range of study facilities also benefited me in the long run throughout the year, and gave me a whole new approach to study. It was hard to see my old friends move on to college without me, but I have made so many new friends, whom I hope to keep for a very long time as we continue our journey into college. I would like to thank everyone at the CCOC for giving me both a beneficial and pleasant year here, and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to repeat their Leaving Certificate.”

Mairéad Murphy

“Having done the leaving cert three times now I think college of commerce is the place to be if your goal is to aim higher in your education.

Ireland is the third country I’ve lived in and I’ve had to repeat the leaving cert in each country because of the change in syllabus and grading system. This school gave me another chance to further my education and pursue my goal in life.

The teachers and staffs are so lovely and dedicated to each student. They understand that studying as an adult isn’t that easy and they make sure to find a way to make lectures easy  for you.

I would gladly recommend this school to anyone I know and to encourage everyone out there who wish to continue with their education never to give up. It’s never too late to achieve your dreams.”

Vivian Felix Aimiuwu

“Coming to Cork College of Commerce to re-sit my Leaving Certificate has been the best decision I have made with my life since leaving school. At the tender age of 17, having sat a leaving cert I didn’t care about, I entered the working world. All I wanted was freedom. After spending years working, I started to realise that the only way I could improve my life, was by going back to the beginning, starting from scratch, and repeating my leaving cert. In today’s world, 3rd level education is so important, but you also need a solid backbone from which to build your future. With the help of the colleges amazing teachers and staff, I am now flying through the course, absolutely confident with my work and studies, and eager to sit the exams. I have applied to UCC, and with a bit of luck and a lot of work, I’m hoping to realise my dream, and be accepted. None of this would have been possible were it not for two things: The teachers and staff, and just as importantly, my own decision to re-sit. I implore any of you, if you have even the slightest inkling to re-sit your Leaving Cert, do it. The power to change your life is in your hands, all it takes is one good decision, and Cork College of Commerce to help you see it through.”

Lewis Ferris

“I decided to continue my education after being out of school for more than ten years. It wasn’t easy at first, but I got to meet people who were very determined and positive towards education. That encouraged me not to give up.

The teachers are so amazing and supportive. They give out their best to make sure that every student can be on track with their studies. I’m so grateful to the staff of cork college of commerce for their support and encouragement.”

Samuel Opoku