Yoga Teaching With Holistic Therapies Column 3

Other advantages of studying Yoga Teaching With Holistic Therapies in Cork College of FET Morrison’s Island Campus

1) As well as Internationally recognised qualifications in Yoga Teaching, Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Sports Massage therapist, Stone Therapist, 2) You will work with professional products for Aromatherapy 3) It’s a very busy course and on a Rota basis we run a work experience clinic on Friday’s in the college which is of great benefit [...]


How is the course assessed?

ITEC/VTCT (International Therapies Examinations Council). These qualifications are recognised world-wide so you can travel with your qualifications and skills. The course is assessed through a combination of coursework (case studies, assignments, learner records ). Also, ITEC have Examinations including practical & theory exams in May of each year. Theory exam are online, practical exams assessed [...]

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