Healthccare Common Column 2

Do I have to get some Vaccinations for this course?

Yes. Hepatitis B and Flu vaccinations (others may be required in individual settings) are required for work experience in a healthcare setting. Applicants should be aware that healthcare environments used in work experience may insist that students are fully vaccinated for Covid 19. Vaccinations are at the student’s own expense and administered outside of the [...]


When do exams take place?

Normally exams take place at the end of the academic year – end of April/beginning of May. However, some exams do occur during the academic year. The subject teacher and exam secretary will advise and notify learners about exam dates and times.


What are the fees for this course?

€300 including QQI examination fees (€50), plus €100 approx. for vaccines. Additional costs for a uniform (if required by work placement.) Medical card holders exempt from the €50. NON- EU FEE €3,654 + course fees above.

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