Creative Writing Winning Entry

Third Place: “Workshop” by Tom Howlin

I’d thrown the spanner harder than I’d meant to. It bounced against the granite wall with a sharp clang and rung out around the workshop. One hard object clashed with another hard object, neither relented and the result hung heavy in the air. The spanner had missed the framed photo of Pope John Paul II [...]


Second Place: “Freedom” by Anne Quirke

Freedom   It is like having a comfy chair We don’t appreciate it until it is gone The lack of it is so unfair Like a sun that never shone   It is more than just an open door Or the absence of war It is laughing or crying loudly Walking, head up proudly   [...]


First Place: “Census 2022” by Neasa O’Riordan

Ding dong. Not expecting visitors, I turned off the bubbling potato soup and opened the door just a crack. It was the census enumerator handing out forms. It doesn't feel like five years since the last one. Or is it six? Was it delayed because of the pandemic? I remember the last one so clearly. [...]

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