Creative Writing 2022

“The Heirloom” by Trevor Hayley

“No no no, not today, definitely not today.” Anna was getting ready for her big job interview for ‘Expressive,’ arguably the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world. From going through an MA in Creative Writing in a small town in Ireland to moving to the sleek New York City and now here she was, [...]


“Workshop” by Tom Howlin

I’d thrown the spanner harder than I’d meant to. It bounced against the granite wall with a sharp clang and rung out around the workshop. One hard object clashed with another hard object, neither relented and the result hung heavy in the air. The spanner had missed the framed photo of Pope John Paul II [...]


“All the Silences” by Sharon Burke

He was no longer what he once was: a daily morning 5k run, before the household stirred, followed by a busy round of meetings and calls, all of which afforded little time to get home before his only daughter’s bedtime. That was then. Now, he tagged along, at heel, willing weary legs forward, as his [...]


“My Journey to Ireland to College” by Radha Thapa

I was born in a small village, where there is nothing to do much. Lack of education, lack of infrastructure, lack of employment, natural disasters, things were never very good. Life became very hard day by day. As a young girl it was even harder to live in a country where there is no future. [...]


Census 2022″ by Neasa O’Riordan

Ding dong. Not expecting visitors, I turned off the bubbling potato soup and opened the door just a crack. It was the census enumerator handing out forms. It doesn't feel like five years since the last one. Or is it six? Was it delayed because of the pandemic? I remember the last one so clearly. [...]


“In the Grass” by Maighread Ní Luasa

The rustle of the grass in the summer breeze gave her goose bumps. The blonde hair on her forearm standing upright as if reaching for the warmth of the sun. Dampness rose from the grass as if a timer going off. Líobhan knew her ‘me time’ would be over soon. “Smell the flower, blow out [...]


“Natural Beauty in West Cork” by John Kelleher

As August 11th clicks into August 12th my Kayak glides through the Bioluminescent Lough Hyne, the largest salt water lake in Europe. My hand trails the water, diamonds fly. Gently quietly paddling, explosions of light all round. The bow causing under water fireworks. Above The North Star and the Plough, in the distance Venus and [...]


“Lúil” by Jess Daly

Sunshine dances on my warm cheeks and the waves wash over our already soaked heads. As I emerge up for air, you inform me of the salty air rusting the visitors bikes, a kiss from the sea herself. Seagulls circle as we proudly gaze for miles upon the glistening peninsula and remind one another of [...]


“Drift and Withdrawn” by Jake Griffin

Gaps in elder aspen cast frilled shades Moonbeam knocks on water-top Like a rap on a cellar door Crossly tapping ripples on the surface A trickle telling tales to drooping roots   I confess a poor pittance grieved to them Sanct and profess admittance Harm at a hand withdrawn from play Withheld the scars of [...]


“Get Away” by Innocent Mwale

This is esoteric as a matter-of-fact abstruse, beyond comprehension. Your understanding will be commensurate with the depth of contradictions that inhabit and provoke your thoughts if they are listened to at all. This bitter earth nobody commiserates with unfortunate states of mind broken hearts that never mend. Individualism, yes, its embraced but it comes with [...]


“The Freetaker” by Darragh Mehigan

He looked between the ball in his hands and the goalposts 45 metres away. He did his run-up – RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT – then in one motion he turned his right hip, swung his leg, dropped the ball, and struck it with his instep. -“Bollocks!” His aggravation broke the morning stillness. Frustrated that he [...]


“The Story of Maggie and Margaret” by Chris Howard

When it came to the local pub, The White Horse, on a Saturday night in the quite town of Bridgelough, there was a woman named Maggie Mae Coleman, who liked her ‘drop’ every Saturday at 8pm sharp – in her usual corner – only  if it was free of course. Margaret was eighty years of [...]


“Freedom” by Anne Quirke

Freedom   It is like having a comfy chair We don’t appreciate it until it is gone The lack of it is so unfair Like a sun that never shone   It is more than just an open door Or the absence of war It is laughing or crying loudly Walking, head up proudly   [...]


Entry by Abby Sheahan

I lowered myself to the hard ground in an unladylike manner. It wasn’t yet October, but it may as well have been. There was an ominous threat of gloom after every evening meal and the birds were delaying their operatic alarm until the dawn had come. I pulled out my pen and notebook and opened [...]

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