Airline Studieis

Will I get a place in a 3rd level course if I do this course?

Students can progress to L6 Advanced Business: Tourism specialism in this College. There are excellent progression opportunities including: MTU Cork: Tourism Management Level 7 (MT552) MTU Cork: Tourism Management Level 8 (MT947) Other students go directly to employment at the Airport either as passenger service agents or as Cabin crew.


How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed through a combination of coursework (projects, assignments, learner records and portfolios) which is done throughout the year with exams held at Christmas and at the end April/start May. (Summer exams include Word processing, Cabin crew operations, Tourism principles and practice, QQI GDS (theory) and IAOT GDS (industry).


What hours are involved?

The course is full time and runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday potentially from 9-5pm. There are 20 hours of classes, so you may have a late morning or an early evening in the week and time off during the day for study/working on assignments. Work Experience is completed for 2 weeks after Christmas.

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