FAQ – Nursing

Are you eligible for the course with Leaving Cert Applied?2022-04-11T21:08:35+01:00

No, the criteria includes a minimum of 5 passes in the Leaving Cert.

Can one secure employment from this course?2022-04-11T21:06:36+01:00

Yes, you can secure employment in nursing homes, hospitals, the private homecare sector and work in intellectual disability environments, but students primarily use this course for progressions. Check out our Healthcare Assistant course if you are looking for employment within the healthcare sector..

Is there a timetable for the course?2022-04-11T21:09:17+01:00

Timetables are available from September.

Can you progress onto a nursing degree programme from this course?2022-04-11T21:11:37+01:00

Yes, you can progress onto all nursing degree programmes in Ireland and England, Wales, and Scotland. For further information please see https://morrisonsislandcampus.ie/progressions/ for specific entry criteria.

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