FAQ – Nail Technician

What hours are involved?2022-05-01T13:02:16+01:00

The course is full time and runs Monday to Thursday potentially from 9-5pm and on Fridays from 9-2pm. One of these days will be assigned as your work experience day.

How is the course assessed?2022-05-01T13:03:01+01:00

We use two Federations as the Qualifying bodies for the Course, QQI – Quality and Qualifications Ireland, Level 5 and ITEC/VTCT International Therapies Examinations Council. These qualifications are recognised world-wide so you can travel with your qualifications and skills. The course is assessed through a combination of coursework (projects, assignments, learner records and portfolios). Also, ITEC have Examinations including practical & theory exams portfolio work in December and May of each year.

How much does the course cost?2022-05-01T13:03:43+01:00

There are no teaching fees for this course, however fees for examinations bodies, books, kits, uniforms etc are required .

These vary from year to year but come to a total of approximately €1000.

Am I qualified to work as a Nail Technician if I do this course?2022-05-01T13:06:36+01:00

Yes, if you graduate from our Nail Technician Diploma course, you are fully qualified to enter industry straight away. There are a myriad of career options e.g. Fulltime work and or/ownership of a Nail Bar, Nail Technician in a Beauty Salon, on Cruise lines, working directly for a Nail Product brand, Trainer for a Nail Brand, Sales representative, Self-employed Free-lance Nail Technician, Media Nail Technician e.g. for photographic shoots in magazines, Advertising campaigns, Music videos, films, the list goes on…

Other advantages of Nail Technician in Cork College of FET Morrison’s Island Campus2022-05-01T13:05:19+01:00

1) As well as Internationally recognised qualifications in Nail Technician, students also complete modules in work experience, Skincare, Business, Phorest Salon packages, etc which gives a complete skill-set for the workplace ahead

2) You will work with professional products chosen and supplied by Industry Artistry specialists

3) It’s a very busy course with full interaction with Industry specialists in all classes

Will I get a place in a 3rd level course if I do this course?2022-05-01T13:06:11+01:00

Many of our students each year progress to 3rd level courses. However, there is no guarantee of a place. Students apply through the CAO using their QQI level 5 results therefore students need to work hard in order to achieve the best possible results. However, There are limited progression places available. These QQI points are valid for any third level course of your choice. There are currently no higher qualification in Nail technician than Diploma Level, but other relevant options are available e.g. Business

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