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Is this course a full-time day course online or in-person?2022-04-12T21:16:15+01:00

This course is a full-time day course. It is delivered on-site within the classroom. It is not delivered online.

Is there a part-time course?2022-04-12T21:16:48+01:00

There is no part time course. The Night College offers many modules. Details regarding the night courses may be found at https://ccocnightcollege.ie and the email address nightcollege@ccoc.ie may be of assistance also.

Is there an interview for this course?2022-04-12T21:17:18+01:00

There is no interview. After you apply you will be sent an Application Form to fill out and return. You may be offered a place but this place is conditional on meeting the course requirements.

How many days per week is the full-time course?2022-04-12T21:17:44+01:00

For the full-time day course, teaching occurs from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Thursday and from 9.00am to 2.00pm on Fridays. Classes are of one hour duration.

However, class timetables vary and may be scheduled over 3, 4 or 5 days. Starting times may be later than 9.00am and finishing times may be earlier than 5.00pm.

Individual class timetables are not available until Induction (usually 1st or 2nd week in September)

When do exams take place?2022-04-12T21:24:50+01:00

Normally exams take place at the end of the academic year – end of April/beginning of May. However, some exams do occur during the academic year. There are also assignments/projects/Skills tests done throughout the year.

How long is the full-time day course?2022-04-12T21:18:12+01:00

The duration of the full-time day course is one academic year, typically form mid-September until mid-May. The college closes for Mid-term, Christmas and Easter holidays as determined by the Department of Education and Skills.

What are the fees for this course?2022-04-12T21:18:46+01:00

€300 including QQI examination fees (€50) Medical card holders exempt from the €50. NON- EU FEE €3,654 + course fees above.

How many people are likely to be in my class?2022-04-12T21:19:21+01:00

There are usually between 20-30 students assigned to a class-group, but it depends on demand each year.

Is Work Experience/Placement organised by the College or do I have to find my own?2022-04-12T21:25:21+01:00

Work Experience/Placement is mandatory for this course. Students are generally required to source their own work placement. It is for 2 weeks usually in January (will be confirmed at the start of the year)

Can I use my results to get into other colleges?2022-04-12T21:20:35+01:00

Yes you can. Full details on progressions can be found at https://morrisonsislandcampus.ie/progressions/.

Upon completion of the course and the successful achievement of the Certificate in Legal Studies, where can employment be secured?2022-04-12T21:21:08+01:00

As a graduate of this course you can pursue careers in a range of area including legal secretary, legal researcher, paralegal work and general administration.

Does the course offer a Student Visa for International Students?2022-04-12T21:22:30+01:00

No. Please note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they meet Immigration and Visa requirements prior to applying for a place on a course. Post Leaving Certificate courses, such as this HCA course, are not eligible to obtain a study visa to enter the state. Further details are available at www.icosirl.ie.

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