• CK101 Arts L8
  • CK102 Social Science L8
  • CK104 Arts with Music L8
  • CK105 Film and Screen Media L8
  • CK108 Arts (International) L8
  • CK109 English L8
  • CK110 World Languages
  • CK112 Theatre & Performative Practices L8
  • CK113 Criminology L8
  • CK114 Social Science (Youth and Community Work) L8 (applicants must be 21yrs+)
  • CK118 Digital Humanities & IT L8
  • CK122 Government and Political Science L8
  • CK301 Law L8
  • CK302 Law and French L8
  • CK304 Law and Irish L8
  • CK307 Law and Business L8


  • MT572 Early Childhood Education and Care L7 (Cork)
  • MT573 Social Care L7 (Cork)
  • MT574 Social Care L7 (Kerry)
  • MT575 Community Development L7 (Cork)
  • MT925 Counselling with Addiction (Kerry) (applicants must be 23years +)
  • MT974 Social Care L8 (Kerry)

Please note that the CAO points achieved from your results on the QQI L5 award (max 390pts) can be used to apply for any course in MTU provided any specific requirements are met.

There are many other 3rd level progression options available outside of Cork, for these and for more detailed information on progressions click on the following link https://morrisonsislandcampus.ie/progressions/.