“No no no, not today, definitely not today.” Anna was getting ready for her big job interview for ‘Expressive,’ arguably the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world. From going through an MA in Creative Writing in a small town in Ireland to moving to the sleek New York City and now here she was, getting into her silk blouse and expensive suit pants she was missing only one key thing, her lucky charm bracelet. An heirloom passed down to her by her great grandmother, it was considered to be magic, as Anna believed there was no way that she could have gotten into writing before without it. She used it whenever she wrote anything including this magnificent piece which landed her this once in a lifetime interview to be a new fashion writer for her dream job and now the morning of it is nowhere to be seen. “I could’ve sworn I left it here on my bedside like I do every evening” she panicked to herself, hoping that wizardry would somehow manifest its way back to where she left it. Maisie, her six-month-old puppy nudged beside her with a mysterious – yet alarmingly recognisable sparkle coming from her mouth. “NO MAISIE GIVE THAT BACK TO ME NOW!” Anna cried as she had to carefully strategize whether to snatch the bracelet and risk losing all luck she will ever have again or allowing the dog the chance to carefully place the bracelet down, but like any other six-month-old, it was going to be a battle. ‘C’mere Maisie, c’mon girl give me the bracelet’ she bargained, but Maisie had other plans. The main door was open, and she bolted out like a flash. Anna was so preoccupied with the thought it may have fallen off her wrist in the hallway yesterday evening, that the seriousness of one leaving their front door wide open for anyone to enter, or worse leave in this instance was not a consideration. “Maisie, come back here, ugh you big Boxer bitch!” Anna yelled, running down the hallway, throwing off her red bottom heels and out to the New York streets. The static sound of the city that never sleeps and the combination smell of pretzels and cigarettes were of no distraction for Anna to get that bracelet back. As she broke through the bustle of busy people, she eventually saw Maisie being petted by a stylish, brown-haired man. Breathlessly, she bent down to the stranger. “Is this yours?” He held the bracelet between his sturdy fingers, his left-hand petted Maisie. “Why yes, both the dog and the bracelet thank you for saving them both for me.” They stood up together and locked eyes. A glimmer of ocean blue eyes met hers and a gasp reached her mouth that left her lost for words, “There’s no problem honestly” a spark of chemistry flashed, she glanced away, trying not to blush. ‘Well, I better go, I have an interview that I have to get ready for.,” “Oh good luck.” he said sadly, “Where is the interview for?” “’Expressive’ magazine, you probably don’t know it.” He chuckled and grinned “I think I might know of it; my car is right there; I can give you a spin home if you need.” Anna realised she had no shoes on and that it would not be the best idea to bring her dog to a sophisticated job interview. He clicked the keys of his car and there it was, his shiny silver Audi R8 sports car. She got in and acknowledged that this was the luckiest charm bracelet in the world.