As August 11th clicks into August 12th my Kayak glides through the Bioluminescent Lough Hyne, the largest salt water lake in Europe. My hand trails the water, diamonds fly. Gently quietly paddling, explosions of light all round. The bow causing under water fireworks.

Above The North Star and the Plough, in the distance Venus and Saturn hang low in the sky, Milky way all round, we are in space with the stars and the Bioluminescent engulfing us.

The only unnatural light comes from the last departing car, which is our beacon to get safely ashore.

“Hi Bridget” I call to my sister “The car is leaving”

We drift toward the far shore under trees which we can’t see but know are there due to the smell of wet ferns, musky branches and overhead shadows. I can’t see her except for the light around her kayak.

“That’s fine” she whispers, “ We’ll find the pier at some stage”.

Just then the clear night erupts with numerous shooting stars, sparks splash all across the sky directly over the lake like rockets. Earth is passing through The Perseids Meteor Shower.

I sit back amazed by these two natural phenomenon, relax and think “Yes, we will find the pier – -later”.