Sunshine dances on my warm cheeks and

the waves wash over our already soaked

heads. As I emerge up for air, you inform

me of the salty air rusting the visitors

bikes, a kiss from the sea herself.

Seagulls circle as we proudly gaze for

miles upon the glistening peninsula and

remind one another of how beautiful our

emerald green home is.

I collect the clay like sand in my hands

and inspect it’s glittering mica in

admiration, the water grabs it ack as the

sculpture slides off my palms but I am not

alarmed because it’s supply is limitless.

Eolian flecks make their home on my

tired feet and U smile, welcoming their

comforting embrace.

Happiness is endless here and it lies

within the fossilizing shells, the red

stone, the colossal cliffs and the ambient

crashing of the restless waves.

“Am Garth i m-muir, Am tond trethan,

Am fuaim mara”

I am wind on sea, I am ocean wave, I am

roar of sea.