This is esoteric as a matter-of-fact abstruse, beyond comprehension. Your understanding will
be commensurate with the depth of contradictions that inhabit and provoke your thoughts if
they are listened to at all. This bitter earth nobody commiserates with unfortunate states of
mind broken hearts that never mend. Individualism, yes, its embraced but it comes with little
to no support networks that result in issues of mental health emotional compliance or restrain.
Addictions that are sadistic chain of events mum is getting a boost in her vein a child wonders
what is going on don’t feel pretty enough since there is no assurance at home only pain. Xanax
becomes a shoulder to cry on. You thought you were like toy soldiers, but they move on you
still in the cold chasing castles. You are stronger than you think what does not kill you makes
you stronger. You hear it all the time it is only a buzz word as sustainability is today it consumes
you, but you died at birth no resurrection.

Growing up in a society where grandiosity is becoming the norm you try to fit in. Inclusion is
one hell of a drug, it is addictive, you do anything to get it. Unsurprisingly, in no time you want
to rule, is it schizophrenia or mere delusion of grandeur that is constantly being fed in this
society is the question. Life beats you to pulp so fast like the speed of sound and reality hits,
but it turns you dark no return like you drunk a cup of virgin blood pure with innocence but no
return you are addicted. Parochial mentality follows and they say it is self-sabotage.

Life is savage, isn’t it? The hurt the betrayal, lies, pain, pedophiles and predators roaming the
quays get you squirmish to their glance but they feel its squeamish. Another step in the cold
world they follow with advances that betray my vulnerability as my self-esteem needs dope
boosting nicotine fusion serving up their fix so is mine. You say to yourself let go of the
illusions, hallucinations, sexual dissipation, moral decadence start some restraining you hear
the counsel, but it keeps you agnostic. Dark clouds roaming in your mind as you attempt to
search where it all came from but to avail.

The fruit it bears, the song without a melody nothing turns up your symphony, your own
allegory of mind-bending spiritual journey. Burst in your own glory, past conquests deeming
slowly. You look at the ones you had under your belt, but they gone, and you are still
blowing in the wind for a long time as time turns to decades. It all began like ply, but it
turned into something with grave consequences.

Get into your own territory such acts of buffoonery nobody appreciated acts that you turned
yourself into a parody. Awareness of thy existence with ideas farfetched not worth burning
the candle. The wish for equilibrium but dark thoughts come to mind. Play civilization on
but you give brain drain still mundane. Go to Newenden that civil parish in Kent or Ghana a symbol of tranquility.