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Where can I progress to after completing this year?2022-04-11T18:17:03+01:00

You can progress to Software Development Level 6 here or go to our progressions page to see a full list of progressions.

What are my chances of getting a job on successful completion of this year?2022-04-11T18:05:35+01:00

Some students do get a job after successfully getting their Level 5 award. However, it is usually in a junior position. Most of our students progress to study on a degree course.

Can I complete this course online?2022-04-11T18:04:45+01:00

No. This is an on-site, in-person, full-time day course.

Can I complete this course by night?2022-04-11T17:50:17+01:00

No. There are some IT modules available by night, but these are mostly leisure courses and do not lead to a qualification.

I have already completed some of these modules at Level 5. Can I be exempt?2022-04-11T17:56:15+01:00

It depends. If you completed the modules pre 2015, you can’t get an exemption as the computing awards changed in 2015 and the old modules, though they might have similar content, are seen as different to the new modules and for this reason you cannot get an exemption.

If you completed the modules after 2015, you can apply for an exemption.

What is the timetable?2022-04-11T18:04:10+01:00

The timetable will be available at the end of August/beginning of September. You can expect to be timetabled for approximately 23 hours per week.

Is this a full-time course or can I complete it part-time?2022-04-11T17:51:28+01:00

This is a full-time day course and cannot be completed part-time.

I’m not really sure which area of computing I’d like to end up in. Which Level 5 course would you recommend?2022-04-11T18:03:51+01:00

Computer Science is a more general course and would give you an overall understanding of the different areas of computer science.

Software Development is more focused on developing software.

IT Tech. Support does not contain a programming module.

So if you want to get a feel for many aspects of IT, you should choose Computer Science.

Is the course 100% hands on?2022-04-11T18:05:57+01:00

There is a lot of practical work, but most modules are examined with 70% practical work and 30% written examination.

When does the course begin?2022-04-11T18:04:58+01:00

The course begins in September and final exams are held in May.

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