FAQ – Healthcare Assistant with English Language Support

Is a basic level of English needed to do this course?2022-04-11T21:28:19+01:00

Yes. It is necessary to have at least a basic understanding of English, both verbal and written.

Must I be Garda Vetted for this course?2022-04-11T21:20:16+01:00

Yes. Garda vetting is an integral part of the application procedure for this course. It is a requirement for Work Placement and Garda Vetting from Cork ETB is required. The College Garda Vetting Office will assist you with your application.

Is Work Experience/Placement organised by the College or do I have to find my own?2022-04-11T21:24:24+01:00

Work Experience/Placement is mandatory for this course. Students are generally required to source their own work placement. However, only placement in a number of specific city hospitals will be organised by our College Work Placement Office (numbers are limited for these hospitals.) The work placement for this course is a minimum of 150 hours over a 4 x week block. Students may work in healthcare settings such as: nursing homes, hospitals, health centres, day care or special needs centres

How long is the full-time day course?2022-04-11T21:32:10+01:00

The duration of the full-time day course is one academic year, typically form mid-September until mid-May. The college closes for Mid-term, Christmas and Easter holidays as determined by the Department of Education and Skills.

Is the Healthcare Assistant with English Language Support (Health Service Skills) full-time day course online or in-person?2022-04-11T21:30:55+01:00

The HCA with English Language Support full-time day course is an in-person course. It is delivered on-site within the classroom.

Do I have to get some Vaccinations for this course?2022-04-11T21:21:21+01:00

Yes. Hepatitis B and Flu vaccinations (others may be required in individual settings) are required for work experience in a healthcare setting.

Applicants should be aware that healthcare environments used in work experience may insist that students are fully vaccinated for Covid 19.

Vaccinations are at the student’s own expense and administered outside of the College, organised by the student at a GP’s surgery/medical centre etc. Proof of Vaccinations may be required by the College Vaccination Office and work placement.

When do exams take place?2022-04-11T21:43:39+01:00

Normally exams take place at the end of the academic year – end of April/beginning of May. However, some exams do occur during the academic year. The subject teacher and exam secretary will advise and notify learners about exam dates and times.

How many people are likely to be in my class?2022-04-11T21:26:30+01:00

There are usually between 20-30 students assigned to a class-group, but it depends on demand each year.

What are the fees for this course?2022-12-12T14:22:46+00:00

€300 including QQI examination fees (€50), plus €200 approx. for vaccines. Additional costs for a uniform (if required by work placement.) Medical card holders exempt from the €50. NON- EU FEE €3,654 + course fees above.

Is there a part-time Healthcare Assistant Course?2022-12-12T14:25:18+00:00

Yes. The part-time equivalent HCA course is run at night. (English may/may not be offered depending on the night schedule). Many of the modules are offered online. Details regarding the night courses may be found at https://ccocnightcollege.ie/courses/healthcare/ and the email address nightcollege@morrisonsislandcampus.ie may be of assistance also.

Does the course offer a Student Visa for International Students?2022-04-11T21:22:01+01:00

No. Please note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they meet Immigration and Visa requirements prior to applying for a place on a course. Post Leaving Certificate courses, such as this HCA course, are not eligible to obtain a study visa to enter the state. Further details are available at www.icosirl.ie.

Upon completion of the course and the successful achievement of the Certificate in Heath Service Skills, where can employment be secured?2022-04-11T21:25:13+01:00

Successful graduates from this course may secure employment in hospitals, nursing homes, (public and private), agency work, day care facilities, private homecare sector as a healthcare support assistant, community care and intellectual disability environments.

How many days per week is the full-time course?2022-04-11T21:31:36+01:00

For the full-time day course, teaching occurs from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Thursday and from 9.00am to 2.00pm on Fridays. Classes are of one hour duration.

However, class timetables vary and may be scheduled over 3, 4 or 5 days. Starting times may be later than 9.00am and finishing times may be earlier than 5.00pm.

Individual class timetables are not available until Induction (usually 1st or 2nd week in September).

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