FAQ – Accounting Techicians Certficate

What funding is available?2022-04-11T22:25:50+01:00

VTOS and the Susi grant are available as financial supports.

What hours are involved?2022-04-11T22:23:10+01:00

It is a full-time certificate course and classes normally runs from 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday.

Can I qualify as an accountant after this course?2022-04-11T22:27:01+01:00

Yes, after completing both the Certificate and the Diploma for Accounting Technicians, there are exemptions available with all of the professional bodies, Chartered Accountants Ireland, ACCA, CPA and CIMA.

There are also excellent progression routes to UCC and MTU.

How is the course assessed?2022-04-11T22:23:57+01:00

The course is assessed by Accounting Technicians Ireland. Students must complete 4 100% exams which are typed exams on an e-assessment platform.

How much does the course cost?2022-04-11T22:34:34+01:00

The course fees are €270 to our college and €760 to Accounting Technicians Ireland. These fees cover registration and exam fees and variety of resources including manuals and online lectures/resources.

Is there work experience?2022-04-11T22:25:13+01:00

Yes, there is a 5 week block of work experience at the start of Yr 2 – Diploma in late August.

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