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HEAR offers reduced points places and extra college support

• Leaving Cert. students (under 23) who may be eligible for this access route in all HE institutions who participate in the HEAR scheme (including UCC & CIT)
• QQI students (under 23) who may be eligible for this access route to UCC

Presentation will be by Maeve Minihane, UCC’s HEAR Schools Outreach Co-ordinator, and James Bilson, UCC’s Project Officer who is based in the College of Commerce.

Based on you and your family meeting Indicator 1, plus a correct combination of 2 other indicators (see below)

  1. Family income falls on or below HEAR income limit in 2018
  2. Family has a medical card/GP visit card in date on Dec 31st 2019
  3. Family received a means-tested Dept of Social Protection payment for at least 26 weeks in 2018
  4. You belong to a socio-economic group under represented in higher education
  5. DEIS school attendance for 5 years
  6. You live in an area where there is disadvantage – eg high unemployment/ very few adults have completed 3rd level education


Indicator 1, the HEAR income limit, is calculated by

  • Number of children in family
  • Number of people in family in full time education
  • Parental income in year 2018

Maeve Minihane will go through all the details of this in her talk on November 22nd
If you think you might be eligible, come!