This course is designed for those who wish to work with children under the age of 6. It is a nationally and internationally recognised qualification. Students get the opportunity to have hands-on experience and acquire the theory to support it. The course covers a child’s overall development from conception to 6 years. This Level 5 course is the minimum requirement for those wishing to work in the area and is the first year of a 2 year professional programme leading to the Advanced Certificate at Level 6. The Level 5 is an embedded award and students who leave after year one are qualified to work in the sector.Students will undertake 150 hours of Professional Practice in a minimum of 2 early Years of Early Years settings per annum. The settings will include birth -2 yrs 8 months, and 2 yrs 8 months to 6 years. All Professional Practice placements must be carried out with an ELC provider currently registered with Tusla. Learners must be garda vetted before going on the placement.

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