The college may apply to the SOLAS Fund for Students with Disabilities on behalf of individual students, who have a documented disability. The fund provides grants towards the provision of services and the purchase of equipment for students with disabilities, attending courses in Colleges of Further Education. The scheme applies to students who have serious sensory, physical and/or communicative difficulties.

The purpose of the scheme is to provide the students in question with assistance and/or equipment to enable them to enter, partake in, and complete their course of study. The kind of supports and assistance for which funding can be sought, falls into four broad categories:

  • assistive technology equipment and software
  • personal supports (including learning support)
  • examination accommodations
  • transport.

Applicants may wish to seek advice regarding the equipment or service most suited to their needs. Funding is not allocated for the purchase of textbooks.

Any equipment provided through this fund will remain the property of the Cork College of FET – Morrison’s Island Campus and will be available for allocation in the future to subsequent students with similar disabilities.

The College is committed to providing appropriate learning, assistive technology and examination supports for eligible students, within the limits of available resources.

To avail of supports, students must register with the college’s Disability Support Service by contacting the Disability Support Officer and providing documentation relevant to individual student needs.

Further Enquiries: Mr. Ger O’Keeffe (Disability Support Officer).

Tel: (021) 4223828