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Bachelor of Business (Level 7)

Apply Now For 2023 Overview The Bachelor of Business enables you to develop the knowledge and skills required to work and contribute effectively within a range of business settings. This degree will develop your understanding of the fundamentals of management and business, and includes areas such as accounting, [...]


Business (Business Studies)

This course is a broad based programme providing an excellent grounding in the skills and knowledge required in a modern business setting. Completion opens up progression avenues to various Higher Education establishments in addition to work opportunities. View Frequently Asked Questions for this course. Accounting -Manual and Computerised 5N1348 - Learn to prepare [...]

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Business & Entrepreneurship (Business Studies)

This course examines key issues in entrepreneurship. This is a growing area, as businesses pivot to respond to a rapidly changing environment and many people are opting to set up their own enterprises. This course will provide you with the necessary skills and competencies in the area of business and business start-up. It will [...]

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Certificate in Accounting Technician (ATI)

Take the next step in your career with the internationally-recognised qualification for Accounting Technicians. Gain increased earning power and in-demand financial skills with this island-wide qualification for Accounting Technicians. Do you like working with numbers? Are you logical and a problem solver? If yes, then this could be the career for you. From Accounts [...]


International Business & Culture (Business Studies)

As an open economy Ireland relies on the international trade of goods and services. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills relating to international trade practice and operations so that so that they can take advantage of employment and further educational opportunities which exist in this area. Intercultural studies [...]

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Marketing with Event Production (Marketing)

If you see yourself with a future in Marketing, then this course is the course for you. If you enjoy an industry that is dynamic and evolving, you can commence your career here. The course can also be used as a preuniversity option with excellent progression links, some of which are listed below. Learn [...]

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Police & Security Studies (Security Studies)

Can you see yourself working in the security industry or the police/armed forces/naval service as a career? Learn a whole range of security related subjects and get your PSA license so that you can get the skills and knowledge you need to get into the industry and take the first step to that career [...]

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Supply Chain Operations (Logistics & Distribution)

All businesses depend on Logistics & Distribution to service both their own internal needs and those of their clients. Logistics & Distribution includes the sourcing, storage and transportation of both components and finished products. It is the study of the business functions that form the link between raw materials & products and their smooth [...]

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Advanced Business and Administration (Business)

This course builds on business/administration knowledge and skills already attained. Its multidisciplinary nature provides students with a broad subject base from which to progress. There is a strong emphasis on application to the business/administration world through the use of simulated scenarios. It aims to enhance students’ communication, presentation, teamworking, research, analytical and problem solving [...]

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Advanced Business with English Language Support (Business)

This course builds on business and English knowledge and skills already attained from a Level 5 related programme. Its broad range of subjects allows students to continue to develop their expertise in the business area as well as further developing their expertise in the English language. Graduates from the course will have upskilled in [...]

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Advanced Business – Legal Specialism (Business)

This course builds on business/legal knowledge and skills already attained from a Level 5 related programme. Its multidisciplinary nature provides students with a broad subject base which will allow them to further develop their skills as a legal administrator. Students continue with more expertise in legal subjects coupled with subjects like professional presentation and [...]

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Advanced Business – Tourism Specialism

This course builds on business/tourism knowledge and skills already attained from a Level 5 related programme. Its multidisciplinary nature provides students with a broad subject base which will allow them to work in the tourism field either as part of a business or as an entrepreneur. Tourism is a people focused industry and skills [...]

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Advanced Business – Marketing Specialism (Business)

Develop further your business and marketing skills with this advanced programme. Gain networking opportunities with industry professionals and practical experience of event management. Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and take this opportunity to build your skills to ensure that you are ready to enter the marketplace or progress to higher education. Students participate in practical [...]

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