This course builds on business/administration knowledge and skills already attained. Its multidisciplinary nature provides students with a broad subject base from which to progress. There is a strong emphasis on application to the business/administration world through the use of simulated scenarios. It aims to enhance students’ communication, presentation, teamworking, research, analytical and problem solving skills thereby preparing participants for further study or entry to work. Students participate in seminars organised by professional bodies. Options are available for international students to attend extra English language tutorials.

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I loved everything abouyt my course. I met some good friends, the teachers were very helpful and understanding. All classes were well organised and interesting. Thank you for taking care of me!

Angleika Fijolek, Administration Clerk

My experience doing advanced business was really good, a challenging course that gave me more knowledge of the business world, weekly work experience was really great. I was able to see how a company works on daily basis and I learned a lot from it

Victor Granja, Estate Agency Administration

As for the College and the course, I will say that it was a great experience for me, if not challenging. I have built confidence in myself through the public speaking seminars and assignments, and I found that whenever I was unsure with my work, I got the help I needed.  I had to work hard and with that determination, I landed not only a spot in UCC, but my teachers noticed me and have recommended me for excellent job placements. This has given me great options and opportunities. I am so grateful to the teachers and staff of the College of Com because they truly do push their students for success.

Olivia Larkin, Commerce, UCC

I am thrilled to have passed well in CCOC . I am trying to improve my literacy and hope to do leaving cert English next June. I hope to then head to CIT to do level 7 Buisness. I am in touch with them and I am encouraged by their feedback. Thanks for all your support.

Connor Corroon, Your Content Goes Here

The courses in the Cork College of Commerce were amazing. I now feel confident as a second year student in CIT because I got all the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in College of Commerce.

Elena Morets, Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Business, now studying Business Management in CIT.

I would like to thank the College of Commerce teachers for all their help and support. I had two brilliant years in the College of Commerce studying Business, with help from amazing teachers and in a great environment.

I am now studying Law and Business in UCC which was my dream course.

Hashem Wedatala , Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Business – now studying Law and Business in UCC.

Attending Cork College of Commerce level 6 business greatly prepared me for progressing to CIT to complete a business degree and prepare me for a future in business with a good knowledge of industry, and confidence to discuss business with my peers.

Denise O'Gorman, Advanced Certificate in Business Cork College of Commerce, Business CIT

After completing two years studying Business in the Cork College of Commerce, I am now delighted with my progress. CCOC gave me the confidence and knowledge I have, which helped me to get into my dream course in CIT.

It may take a year extra than everyone else, but it is 100% worth it in the long run.

I believe going to CCOC was the best educational choice I made. I am now in Cork institute of Technology (CIT) studying Business Administration level 7, all thanks to CCOC.

Sinéad O’Sullivan, Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Business, now studying Business Administration in CIT.

Returning to education after such long period of time was daunting but the teachers at college of commerce made it much more easier with their openness making the transition straight forward. I completed the level 5 and 6 certificates in business in the college, which gave me the grounding needed for the world of business. I’m currently continuing my studies in CIT, this is something I know I wouldn’t have done without the knowledge and help i received during my two years in Cork College of commerce, which included a once in a lifetime trip to China.

Breda BarryJohn McSweeney, CIT student

During my time studying in the Cork College of Commerce one of the things that struck me was the superb efficiency in which the school was run given the relatively small contingent of staff in proportion to the number of students. My spell in the college was the ideal catalyst to get me to my current studies as a mature business student in Cork Institute of Technology.

Brendan Walsh, CIT student

My name is Kamile Pociute. I studied Business Studies in Cork College of Commerce in 2015. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Shanghai University, all courtesy of the Confucius Institute and the College of Commerce. It was a wonderful, life- changing experience. I am now studying Commerce and Chinese in UCC and I am looking forward to spending my 3rd year studying in university in Shanghai. It all started with the College of Commerce! I could not have achieved this without the College of Commerce. It was well worth spending an extra year in College to get into my dream course.

Kamile Pociute, UCC student