If you think that you would like to be working in the admin hub at the frontline in any organisation, then this course was designed for you. Learn all of the key skills required to be the ‘go to’ person in a busy organisational hub, reception area or to be the sole admin member in a smaller business.

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Having been away from workforce for 20 years,I needed to upskill and enhance IT skills required for today’s workplace.I began with very poor IT skills/knowledge/experience.

I couldn’t recommend these courses enough. I was encouraged and supported every step of the way.I enjoyed heading in every day and there’s a real rapport between staff and students. The modules are extremely practical and gave me the necessary skills to return to the workplace with confidence.

I would encourage anyone to consider completing any of the many courses available. It was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Julie Nolan, Finance Manager

College of Commerce has given me the skills and experience to work in IT. I really loved my time there with my class mates and teachers. The structure of the course prepared me for the workplace. When I was doing my exams I felt fully prepared as my teachers put in much time and effort for each one of us. The coursework was detailed and I really liked what I was doing. The course boosted my confidence and prepared me well for the job I have now. It opened my mind to many opportunities. The staff were so helpful and I had amazing teachers. I met and made many great friends. I am now working in Abtran for Sky Ireland and this course got me there.

Sarah Jane McNicholas, Abtran for Sky Ireland

This is a really good College. The teachers were very helpful and I met great friends. Exams were frequent which I found great to keep us interested and focused. The coursework was varied so we got a taste for everything. My confidence really increased and it made me more outgoing. There were many job opportunities and I am now in full time employment. Staff were very friendly and helpful. With the skills I had learned when I finished in College I was well able to go and get a job.

Orla young, Bons Secours, Tralee

Attending College of Commerce was a very positive experience for me. It helped to build my confidence to be able to return to work. The College is structured and managed well. It is really geared towards the workplace. Coursework is relevant and manageable. I secured work and started immediately after finishing the course. The information available on job vacancies was excellent. The staff are very efficient, friendly and helpful. Our class were very close and got on well together.

Jan Sheehan, Receptionist, Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital